Cash at the Beau

So, I followed up my run in the Beau nightly that Gene D chopped with a little cash session. Typically, I go deep in Beau tournaments with a no cash or min cash and then run second best into best for a couple of hours in cash. So, it's a frustrating trip. I'm a tourist there and I guess I play like one.

For some reason I was reading 2+2 the night before and saw a thread were some preteens were asking if any name pros remember playing Tom Dwan before he was issuing Durrrrr Challenges. And one guy, who I believe is a very successful online poker pro in his own right says yeah, he remembers Dwan. He was getting familar with his poker tracking software and comparing his numbers to other players he thought were pretty good at the level he was playing at. Then he looked at Dwan and the guy said he couldn't believe Dwan played 44% of his hands. He wasn't coming in with limps either.

I determined I was going to play one buy-in and just play wide open and channel Tom Dwan (who needs no lessons on how to play poker). Fresh off of watching some Poker After Dark episode where he ran over the table I was going to aggressively play the hell of any two card. I haven't had much success doing this at Harrahs.

So... I sit down and do just that. Turns out I have the perfect table for this strategy. These guys are limping and folding to my raises. I know at some point they'll stand up to me. They do. Then I whiff flops like I'm a five year old in the batting box with Roger Clemens and C-bet regardless. They fold.

This continues and I know at some point they'll fight back. They do. I whiff flop and whiff turn and c-bet and c-bet. They fold the turns. I still haven't really hit a hand. In retrospect, I was also running good, because my opponents obviously weren't even hitting top pair.

So I double my buy-in pretty quickly and am enjoying the game immensely. Three old guys who I'm really keying on are all to my right and finally one guy checks to me, I c-bet and he shoves for about 4 hundo. Pot was about 45. I giggle to myself and muck right where I want them.

If only I can catch some hands. I do and a short stack snaps me off with 7-3 offsuit. He flopped quads and my jj didn't go runner-runner. By the way he raised and called my reraise preflop. Weird.

So, then I go back to Dwan and rebuild my stack.

At one point, besides a ton of reds, I had three stacks (of 30) whites in the 1-2 game. I was taking pot after pot after pot. Usually with nothing. A new dealer sits down and asks if she can color me up. I tell her no, because it's a reminder I can only win small pots.

Finally, they break a table and about four friends from Georgia come over and they ain't letting anybody steam roll them. I have to adjust but barely. They watch me enough to see that I'm a maniac and I have to be on air a lot. Please give me a big hand. AA

Sweet. I raise from late position as per usual. One of those kids min-re-raises me. I fire it up to about 90. He calls. He knows where I'm at. I know he's on Kings or Queens. He checks in the dark. Queen ball hits the flop. I see him do a double take.

Did he just hit that. I think he did. I check behind. Turn is Q. Ugh, what an ugly card. I look at his stack, if he's got quads I'm giving him another 180 or so. Sweet. He bets. Then, I decide he's got Kings and maybe thinks I have AK. Kings would be there huh? Jacks too right? So, I raise. He calls with some Hollywooding. River we get it in and he shows his quad queens.

I replay the hand later with Gene and he says the kid had to have a Queen. Sometimes poker is obvious, yet I chose to ignore it. I watched a kid talk through his hand and basically ignore the most obvious hand the other guy would have. Sometimes it is what it appears to be, nothing more. A big bet is a big hand. A quick call is a draw. Kid had four queens. Why rule out pocket queens just because two are on the board. He gave away the strength of his hand multiple ways. Process and procede with care and minimize my losses.

So, now I have to rebuild. I double up through one of the other georgia kids when I raise on the button with K5 of diamonds after a slew of straddled limps. Kid in the small blind calls. I flop a five and two diamonds. I bet. I turn a flush and a royal flush draw. I bet, he raises, I call. I shove on the river. He stews for a while and calls me with a straight.

Hated to pick up when I left. Need to try this aggro style again. It's a ton of fun. Course, it's always fun when your opponents aren't calling.


Darrell said…
hey bill, here is a new post from me. i'm trying to be a regular now. by the way, did you and the wife have the baby? if so, congrats. its a wonderful thing.

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