So 3/4 in my hand no pair on the turn...

How did I win that pot calling all in for all my chips. And why make that call?

Let's backtrack a little to a little earlier in the poker tournament. A couple of hands earlier in the poker tournament a good player to my left gets it in with a middle pair (66 maybe). He gets called by a dude with an open ended straight draw and two overs. He bricks. The dealer is shipping the pot to the 66 dude after both players show their hands. The dealer is mucking the loser's hand quickly and me and the kid next to me both stop him. Unlike online poker tournaments dealers make mistakes which shipping the pots, though I guess depending on the sites I could have said like an online poker tournament the dealers make mistakes.

The board was doubled paired on the river, both pairs higher than the 66s. The high card in the other players hand gave him the pot.

The guy glared at us. Not his day. I hate to interject when I'm not in a hand, but both players showed their cards and the dealer made a mistake. I'm not sure of etiquette in this situation because I've heard both sides. For example, I heard at the WSOP one year Negreanu, in a little bit of an angle shoot, in a similar situation raked a pot like it was his when his opponent thought he lost--but hadn't, and nobody said anything. Negreanu kept it. That might have been in the Main Event of the Moneymaker year. Course, I read that a while ago and I don't recall the source so it might not have happened or might not have been Negreanu. Though I'm sure that has happened and others haven't said anything.

In a cash game, perhaps there is more reason for keeping my mouth shut. Still, as AT&T later said the cards speak for themselves. The very next hand the poor guy got counterfeited on the river when his flopped two pair watched the board go runner-runner to give his opponent who flopped nothing but top pair the hand. It must have felt like he had sat down to play poker tournament online.

Later I'm in the bb and because of multiple calls of a small preflop raise, I'm priced in to call. I'm holding 34 suited. The guy who we denied a pot to was the raiser. The flop gave me an open ended draw. He bet too little and I called. The turn was a brick. I checked. He put me all in. I just felt like he was on air. Perhaps, I should have shoved the flop (a mistake I duplicated in the cash game later and was reprimanded by another player for not doing).

My bad play ended up being a lucky one. I got a read of weakness and frustration on the guy. I considered how much of my stack was in the pot, and I decide if I'm right and he's on air (with no pair), I got six more outs to go with the 8 of the open ended. With what the pot was laying me I had to call. Plus, folding would have put my in a situation where I couldn't possible win as much as was in that pot anytime soon.

He's pissed that I called. The dealer puts down the river before we turn over our cards.

He says you got me. I see the river is a 3. I say, "I got a pair of threes." I turn over 34 and the table is afflutter. The kid next to me says, "You have got some balls."

I think the dude wanted to kill me twice. I felt bad. He showed his overcards in frustration. Obviously, he was on air, but little did he know he was killing me in the hand. Yeah, I misplayed that hand.

Later in the cash game, I got into a hand in a multi-way pot. The dude in last position fired out a bet he didn't want called. The flush draw missed. Unfortunately, my open ended draw and over cards missed. The guy was giving me a serious tell that he had diddly (not telling what it was though). I go through the hands he could hold and I can't call with K high, because he's got A high. I tell him he's got Ace high but I can't beat it and fold.

He shows his hand to his tablemate. "Ace high, no pair, busted flush draw!"

I say, "I knew it" whistfully.

That's when the older man says, "If you knew it you should have raised him."

Yeah. He's right. That's a big ol' hole in my game. The guy put free money on the table. I knew it, but didn't think to fire back.

I saw AT&T make the same mistake when he put a guy on second pair, and called just to see it. Well, he could have raised. So could I. I'm working on that leak for my next foray to the felt. As the baby is almost here it will probably be a play poker tournament online. Maybe the power poker club.

See ya there.


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