Omaha, Straight flushes, and more...

After some frustration in the Harrahs tournament and finally some in their post tournament cash game (outkicked with trips, by one, lower end of a flopped straight where I checked called the nuts to the river [pat myself on the back for sniffing out the tight nit had the nuts and losing the minimum], kings losing to a guy who was priced in with 2s because of lose preflop calls by two big stacks, you know how that goes, bad beat whine, bad beat whine, cooler whine etc...). Anyway, somehow I stretch all that action into one buy-in, but now I'm tilted so I need a break. I decide to meet up with Gene D to talk about the site, play some limit poker, and play with the fishies in the small buy-in evening tournament we sometimes play.

Gene gets caught up with work, so as I'm killing time there, and I really didn't feel like hold 'em or being patient after a frustrating morning session. So I play some half and half. I looking to work on Omaha so why not at low stakes. Granted I think I know what a good hand is and feel like I was just running bad. You flop a set, with four to the nut flush, and you can't protect it. Next thing you know a guy chasing a gutterball, with one of his outs, the one he didn't hit, making your flush takes the pot. Seems so many people play every hand that there is every possible permutation chasing you. Unless you flop quads or a full house every hand is vulnerable, and sometimes even those monsters are at risk. I can see why I think I'd prefer pot limit to standard limit, because you at least can protect your hands a little bit, I imagine.

In the hold 'em half, I got another straight flush (turned it), and was told my name would be put on a list for a hat. I couldn't tell if they were f'ing with me or being serious. I won a smallish pot as the board was paired and I didn't want any dummies to fold what could be a bad beat hand. I had KJ of diamonds and Qd10d9dQx was out there, so some action cards. My opponent a decent limit player and nice lady had a queen to go with the two queens on the board. If only the river was the other queen her ace would have played.

My rush was short lived when later I bet my two pair hard until the river where I filled up. I raise a lady's bet (the same lady I snapped off) and she comes over the top and gives the old, "Oh my god, why did you raise me, what could you have?" speech which made me realize she was sitting on a monster. The board was K4364. I had 43. I asked her three times if she had pocket sixes, but I realized I wasn't at a no limit table. Just call the 8 bucks and see the two sixes, the pot's too big. I do and she shows 52. Yeah, I beat her straight but not her straight flush. Odd to see that within 6 hands.

The funny thing is I only played 43 because it won the previous three hands and I thought it would be funny to win another one, especially when I flopped two pair.

So it was a frustrating day yesterday. Seemed like I hit all my hands in the hands I sat out and got second best in the ones I did play. Oh well. Today is another day.


Tiltin Texan said…
Admirable you are trying to be more than a one trick pony. Get you prepared for a H.O.R.S.E event, just remember Omaha is for sick gamblers with deep pockets. The day you see me sitting in that game means I have money to set on fire.
Goondingy said…
Did you have fun? New Orleans used to be the spot for half and half spread limit 1-8 hold'em and omaha. I remember sitting in a stud game back in 02 wondering if I would ever be able to play that fast game. LOL!
Tiltin Texan said…
I was going to let it slide but thats twice you called him "Raising Cajun" are you getting confused with the chain Raising Canes? Im pretty sure its Rajun Cajun, hence he is from Lafayette. You damn yankee.
C.S. said…
He is called the raging cajun. Gene D and I thought we'd alter it a little bit to be more pokery. I believe Gene okayed it with him at Harrahs if we went with the Raising Cajun.

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