Clonie Gowen, claims when Full Tilt started she was offered THE role of a female face for the company. Apparently, 1% of the company was being offered to other pros for a paltry 30k. As we found out with Ultimate and Absolute there tend to be a lot of companies owning one another. The software company would actually make the money as Full Tilt pays it huge liscensing fees. Clonie states, in a meeting in Phil Ivy's suite, that she and several other early owners were promised a chunk of the software companies where the real money was at. Then, Full Tilt didn't pay her a dividend. Then they wanted her to not be a representative any more and tried to fire her. She's suing saying the company is worth a couple of billion and through her verbal agreements she is owed millions. Will be interesting to see if this brings to light just how much money Full Tilt makes. Now, Phil Ivy's Craps addiciton doesn't sound all that damaging considering he could be pulling in millions a month.

Lots of tournaments on the horzion. There is the Harrahs event that starts in December. The Beau has an event in January. There is the Lafayette United Way charity event in January. The Coushatta 7 Clans event is in Februaury, and I belive the IP has another event coming soon too. We hope to be at every event.

We are looking for a hat supplier to make some GCP lids. Email me from the link on GCP.net if you got a hook up. Probably will want them embroidered.



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