Appreciate the feedback on the previous post. Very informative. So much of my decisions are based on reads. Usually I'm successful with it, but sometimes I overthink things a bit. here I didn't think through the information my opponent gave me thoroughly enough. He wanted me to call for the same reasons I should have called. Odd how an action can be beneficial for multiple players in poker sometimes.

BTW, I didn't make two final tables. I finished 10th in the 6pm. The IP was merging at 9 for the noon tournaments. Maybe they actually merged at 10 (for the 6pm tournaments) and I finished 11th. I didn't really count after I tried a steal on an undefended big blind (player was still on break so too the button) in an unopened pot to me (next to the empty button). A tight girl was in the SB. My stack was 3/4s of hers. I decided I was shoving with anything as I was so short and so much money was there.

She said... uhhh, I call. Hello KK. Goodbye Bill.

Bill not happy. Bill speaking in third person. Bill being a bit of a doochebag. Bill will next be wearing a faux hawk and not dressing his age. Bill also going to win a seat in the IP Main Event.


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