MONDAY COLUMN--Can't get up from the table...

Couple of big hands from this weekend...

Dug a hole with this one because I am a donkfish sometimes. Raise preflop with AK. Had my standard Martian image at the table. A borderline LAG calls out of position from the blind. Flop is 443. I check or continuation bet (can't remember exactly but 90% sure I bet). If I bet he just called. Turn is a 10. I check. He bets fairly large in relation to the pot. I find myself being such a nit, that on flops like this I get a lot of action because people put me on AK or high cards and bet into me with air. I've made a number of profitable calls with nothing in just this situation. Course his air could have just improved on the turn as a 10 is a very playable hand with a huge range of for the second card for a lo0se player. All cards above it and probably down to the 7. Granted a pair, of say 8s ,on his part is good at this point but I'm not giving him credit for that hand based on the action.

I decide I'm going to let my image do the work for me. He can't be all that strong. I fire at him and I've not shown a bluff yet. He says he puts me on 3s. Only possible hand I could have. Keeps harping on it. Finally, I try a bit of trickery and react just a bit to his query. Trying to duplicate a strong player's face. Bad idea. I a donkfish. He insta-raises all in.

Uhhh. Now. I consider if he still has air. There is a part of me that wants to call because I may be still good and the hand felt like one of those where the first guy all in wins. I didn't read him for strong. Before I became an even bigger donkfish, I reviewed the chips and where I'd be at. I didn't have to make this call and could get away from it. Then I just got the feeling he had something. "J10," as Gene likes to say, "is played by everybody."

I fold. He shows 10-9 o/s and says "That's good right." I feign anger, not really feigning that much because I'm kind of stunned he faded all that action with 10-9 o/s (yeah, now that I recall that anger I definitely bet the flop), and my face convinces most of the table I discarded the better hand. I like for people to think I'm on tilt and attack me. If I get a hand I can get paid.

Not much to that hand upon review but it sets up the next one. Shortly, I look down at KK. Short stack calls my under the gun raise to 15. Villian from the first hand also calls. I get this feeling in my stomach I am going to double up or go busto. Flop comes QJ7.

Short stack moves all in for 50 more. Pot is 45 so I'm not giving him too much credit.

Then the villian moves all in for 750. Umm, slight overbet there.

It'll be all my chips if I call. I go over possible hands. Why would he want to isolate. I can't figure it out. If he had a draw he's probably got a chance of getting all my chips. If he has a huge hand, a set or even two pair (not huge but big enough), again why bet me out. I want to call but I never insta-call an all-in except with the nuts or AAs preflop (and sometimes then I'll even doublecheck my cards before doing so but quick enough for people to not think I'm slowrolling).

Normally the level of thinking at Harrahs is an overbet is simply to get me out the pot, and thus my kings are good. However, say he had a set of JJs and put me on a good hand that might just call maybe an overbet is a profitable move here. Is he making the overbet thinking I'd call. I got outplayed when he had 10-9 o/s maybe he was reading me as strong and trying to felt me.

Pissed I get up from the table take two steps away to clear my head a bit and remove myself from the action, I realize I have to call, my NIT deliberations are just that, and then I see the dealer reaching for my cards, and the guy next to me is encouraging her. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," I stop the pretty girl. "I didn't fold yet."

I sit back down and call.

Short stack never shows after I display my pocket kings. Other guy, I gave too much credit was on a draw and doesn't show at first. I say I hope you have AQ, a Q hits the turn, and an A is the river. Guess I hope he didn't have AQ. He tables 10-9 offsuit again.

I gave him way too much credit there. Really odd bet in my opinion. Maybe he can get me off a better holding and out of the hand, and then he has 2 to 1 on his money with a straight draw but why not keep me in the hand in case he does hit his straight. Especially because, to win the hand he'll likely have to hit that straight, so why minimize the pot in that situation. I still don't really see it. He jeopardized all his chips in a situation where only a better hand could call him and for what a draw? Not the place to semi-bluff in my opinion. If he hits his draw he could keep me around to do so. Plus, there was already a guy all in and he's pushing on me with nothing.

I don't know... Anybody have any more sophisticated thoughts on his thinking?

Now, the rest of the table harped on about how lucky I was and my hand was truly dead. It's a common rule everywhere that you can't leave the table or stand up they say. After a couple of hands pass, the dealer asks the floor and he says yeah my hand should have been dead. Then I go up to the rules board and it says absolutely nothing about that rule. I think I would have complained loudly and often had they folded that but everybody tells me it's an understood rule.

Quite a loophole there, posting the rules to your cardroom, but not including a rule that is in effect but is only "understood" to be so.


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