Chop at Boomtown

On Saturday Gene and I played at Boomtown. Weird tournament structure. I get to the final table with 12k and 8 of the other players were all at about the same ranging from 10k to 22k. Then the other guy has almost ~ 100k. Yet, the blind structure was 3-6k. He offered a chop where he got first place and we divided the rest of the money. I didn't know what to do and still don't really.

The button hadn't been placed yet so I had no insight on that but obviously we had 9 short stacks and a bully (who still had a small M for a standard tournament). As 8 voted yes, I took the chop fearing I'd say no and be put in the big blind because of my luck. It was going to be a haphazard all in fest but I invested so much time I wanted a higher return.

Compare that to Harrahs on Wednesday and I bubbled at 12th and 5 minutes later they all chopped for a grand each. The big stack at my table kept talking about how he was late to pick up his kid, so I knew he'd be generous (didn't think that generous).

Weird thing about the Boomtown tournament, you chop at Harrahs and they pay you out and tax you on what you won, at Boomtown even if you chop, 2nd and 3rd place still have to pay taxes for the value of the non chopped 2nd and 3rd place. Last time I chopped I suggested the small stacks get the W-9s. Apparently this caught on because I was informed that's the way they always do it, so I'm paying taxes for third (only about 100 more than I actually won). My computer keeps freezing up so I'm keeping this post short today.


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