Crazy Night at Harrahs

Saw the impossible last night. An intelligent guys with a serviceable knowledge of poker, odds etc, but no idea of table sense lay waste to our table. He walked away with four racks of red (2k), 3 stacks of 25s, (1.5k) and almost the rest of the next rack with 5s. This was on a 1-2 table. I somehow was the only player who ended "up" against him. I pussied out on a board of AQQ7 (two clubs) with AK and didn't put my entire stack in. He would have called with his flush draw that didn't hit. I gave him too much credit for AQ or QQ. Still a big pot, but my winnings could have been $200 more.

That being said, I saw him twice make $300 calls with one card to come on weak flush draws and hit. Saw literally three big stacks come to the table and as one guy put it "I got tired of watching you push this table around" so he bluffs off $600 with 8-4 o/suit and no pair while the villian has top pair.

Literally, the dude couldn't lose. And people kept trying to bluff this massive stack.

I of course started him on his run. Early in the night. On a board of flushes and straight draws and him clearly annoyed by them, I pushed over the top on the river. He stewed for a while and said, "I just got to see it." He had QQ (maybe that's why I gave him so much credit for that hand at the end of the night) for the win. Took me 5 hours to replenish and get up.

Later, he changed his story and told me it was impossible for me to have the straight and he knew it all along despite it being a crying call. This was also after he said in a whisper, "I just can't help myself I have to call the river, I always have to know." As he'd keep bringing up that hand, his telling of it became more and more assured. By the end of the night, you'd think he insta-called (I wonder how much I revisionist look at my own hands--I like to think I don't because usually I go with my gut but I'm never certain. I think I've only insta-called with the nuts or Aces preflop).

As his stack kept growing, I kept trying to keep Danbury dude and his banker buddy drinking and at the table. I say Danbury because initially he went through all his cash, all his banker buddy's cash, and had to run to the hotel to access his money. He returned changed out of his suit in a Danbury shirt. He revealed he had lost a grand earlier in the evening. No kidding... with a strategy like "always having to see the river" it's hard to believe he ever lost (is my bitter jealous scarcasm obvious?). It was amazing. Everything was aligned for him for three hours or more. Huge stacks kept showing up at our table and losing money to him. Also, every time I had a monster he'd fold before I even looked at my cards.

Frustrating, but congrats to him on a hell of an evening.

One other note, he was cashing out grinning like a cheshire cat with his racks of 5s, meanwhile higher limit players with fewer racks but filled with blacks and greens are cashing out like it's a normal night for them.


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