Congrats to Joe and Joe

Cash game expert Joe Bush got a piece of the bad beat jackpot at Harrahs on Thursday night. Pot was pretty big considering one guy flopped quad 10s. I hope he was just smooth-calling the pocket aces that got the needed third ace on the river. Also, Joe "Bullets" Comeaux got his aces cracked on the same night for $100. Nice wins fellas.

Played at Boomtown today. Once again I ran into the painkillers during the tournament and beat a hasty exit. Good thing is I picked up a tell on the guy that had them. He did two distinctly different things when he had nothing and he had something. Unfortunately, it took me calling with a pocket pair of my own to figure it out. Guy is a good player who I've seen at a number of local final tables so this might really help me out in the future so even without a cash I might have earned some money today.

I'm so tired of running into aces or losing with them in these tournaments. Pretty brutal stretch of late.

Going to be a busy week for me. Looking to play at the IP on Wednesday (and hopefully the final table Thursday) then I'm heading west to Lafayette to play in the Acadiana poker series. Then back to Biloxi for more IP tourneys. Also, on my schedule is Boomtown's $300 buy-in on November 17th (I need to double check the date). Maybe I'll stop playing like a donkfish in tournaments and actually be able to make some money over the next couple of weeks. Fortunately, I'm still running fairly well in cash so I hope to play a good bit of side action.


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