Congrats to Geoff Roswick

He's in first place in the 536 pool and a fan of the Turning Stone.


Anonymous said…
Turning Stone actually used to have a turning stone at its entrance way. About 8-10 feet tall, and it rotated pretty slowly. But that became the symbol you used when you wanted to make a Stone run. You get your buddy's attention, make a fist, and slowly turn it (please note that no orifices are involved in this, that would be for some other audience).

Flash back to around 2000, said stone is still in existence, and my doorbell rings. It's Monday night, it's someone's birthday, and the Stone symbol is given. I have to be at work the next morning, and The Stone is 300 miles away. But you don't disrespect the Stone. Needless to say, about 12 hours later I return home and the car is about $800 richer than when we left. I won about $100 of that, and bought me a nice Stone polo shirt, which I still wear today, stains, holes and all. You don't throw out a Stone shirt. You just don't.
Anonymous said…
On This Date In Turning Stone History...
Four of my degenerate friends and I hop into my car and we head north. We're closet degenerates at this point in our lives so we say we're going to see Syracuse host Temple in a football mismatch, but we know why we're really going.

2nd quarter and it's ugly. Maybe 42-0 or something like that (final ended up 60-7). It's time for some Stone. We get there and it starts off as good as it did for Temple. The cards aren't turning our way and the dice are making our chips disappear. Time for some eats to regroup then back to the tables.

Then, there she is. Goose and I spot the loveliest, most jittery Blackjack dealer you'll ever meet. Jennifer opens her table and the Stone's coffers for us. Five bucks (hey five bucks!) turns into ten, ten turns into twenty, and on it goes. The rest of the crew makes their way over and they join in on the fun. And by fun I mean winning lots of cash and watching Jennifer give me dirty looks when I tell her I'm splitting my 10s.

We all end up winners and the car returns home $1500 happier. Unconfirmed whether or not Jennifer had a restraining order against me.

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