Phil Hellmuth wins 11th and other WSOP news...

Blowhard bloviater wins 11th bracelet.

Johnny Chan and Dolye Brunson were on hand to hear Phil fake humbleness for a moment and then go about reminding everyone he's the best. Not there but I imagine he referenced his 56 some odd WSOP cashes. And then a dose of transparently fake self-deprecating humor. I wish it was self-defecating humor meaning he shit himself because he was so excited about being in his own presence. He's the type of guy that uses a mirror for porn.

Alan Cunningham won his fifth bracelet, joining Ivy and Hellmuth as youngest to 5. I have nothing bad to say about him except he let Jaime Gold beat him in likely his only chance to win the Main Event.

Alex Jacob is confirming my early opinion that's he's most likely the next great one with his performances. I hate that poker is going the way of chess and we'll have to listen to Ivy League nerds talk about multiple levels of thought and strategies. Jacob's "Poker is Easy" remarks at the US Open have done little to endear me to him but I love his game.

FBT Mueller is having himself a great couple of weeks too.

Chris Moneymaker cashed again. Anybody else think he's a bourbon or two away from becoming poker's John Daily?

I just saw Captain Tom Franklin recently on a rerun from last years WSOP talking about bringing class to the game. I wonder if he offered Norman Chad a huggle after the interview.

Gene D finished 40 spots away from a bracelet last year and knocked off Johnny Chan in the process. This year Eric Seidel got the honor of knocking him out. You'll remember both stars were in the inspirational poker moment that motivated Matt Damon's character in Rounders to inexplicably turn down a turned on Famke Jannsen. What's that got to do with GeneD? I dunno know but Famke Jansen was hot.


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