Eric Lindgren completes...

4 rounds of golf under 100 in one calender day. No cart. For a measely 350K Eric accomplished this today. Phil Ivy was on the hook for 200k. Gavin Smith and others actually bought out their bets after the 9th hole of the last round so Eric did not officially win 350k today, but it was still close to it.

What's the lesson in all this? Don't get drunk with Eric Lindgren after busting out of the Horse event and then go betting him prop bets for the next morning. Don't do it.

In related news, Jaime Gold lost multiple prop bets to Robert Varkoni. Gold could not complete 4 continous laps around Greg Raymer on foot in one day. Gold also failed in his attempt to go 12 hours without mentioning his bracelet or shaking his wrist with it on it. In his last attempt, Gold couldn't get a nod of recognition from Phil Hellmuth walking through the Rio. All told Jaime owes Varkoni $19.73. There is some dispute as Jaime claims multiple people had pieces of him. Actually, since he sold off 3000% of himself he believes he is actually owed money. Crispin Leyser was seen deleting voice mails.


Haterade said…
Hey Gents, There is a 15,000 guarantee coming up at the IP in Biloxi. I got the details
Bad Beet said…
Its ova punk bitches!

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