5 tournaments in 48 hours

3:00 Boomtown Biloxi
6:00 Imperial Palace or Beau Rivage
11:00 Isle of Capris
6:00 IP or Beau
12:00 IP or Beau

Plan on practicing a bit for Vegas. I'm of mixed minds about where to play. At the Beau, I believe the top 5 finishers at every one of their tournaments wins a seat in their $500 satellites for the 10k WPT event. Nice cherry on top--if it's not coming from the prize pool. I will play once at the IP to keep my receipt and play in the Sunday freeroll tournament. But I don't know which tournaments to play when. Starting to recognize a lot of the rounders from the coast hopefully they haven't figured out the ABC tendencies of my game yet.

If I go 0-5 I will fess up to it but that will be an abysmal start to the summer...

Btw, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Schoenfeld is the doosch I was referencing earlier. Sounds like his one poker highlight is Evenlyn Ng. She probably dumped him when he explained how cliche it was for her to be a former dealer. Maybe she couldn't endure one more rant about somebody wearing earbuds instead of head phones or maybe unlike bitter boy too many donkeys were actually cashing at the WSOP. Now, I at least know why he's so f'ing angry.


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