Bullet Points and a Crazy Hand. What would you do?

Lots of things happening right now...

-Soon, I'll get that Hurricane27 article update.  Spoilers:  Super nice kid.  Not a bot.  Owns your soul online.  How he found poker is an anomaly.  More to come.  Soon, I promise.  I'll find the time to write it up and do it justice.

-Wouldn't it be cool to have a GCP.NET Championship?  We think so.  Hopefully, it can happen... somewhere, sometime, soon (?).

-About to go Back to the Beau.  How can you not love the deeper stacks and better structures the Beau Rivage will offer when they go heads up with the WSOP Circuit event in early September.  The pros will be in town chasing points but over at the IP.  Methinks I'll be chasing all that money at the Beau.  Plus, they got Henry Garrison, Derek Dillman, and Paul Dutsch coming in to help.  Great crew there.  Think we are pretty lucky as players on the coast with the staffs at the Beau and with what's being put together at Harrah's lately.

(Who says "Methinks"?)

-Super proud of a guy I've been coaching Chris Canan's (pictured) deep run in the Main Event.  While he didn't call his shot like David Chocheles did (David guaranteed a cash on video and delivered), Chris went the deepest of all the Minions, got some TV time on PokerGo and played like a level headed champ all week!  Great job kid!  Also, shout out to Jerry Grior's deep Main Event run.  He's been on a tear for the last year and a half.  Really happy for him and Prissy.

-Super grateful also to Monkey and all the investors in the Monkey Minions for making the Main Event this year happen for me this year.  I'm going to put together  (soon) a short wrap up of my critical hands from those three days.

-Vegas was a lot of fun.  Went hiking with Kenny Milam (who killed Kenny?  We did, as we were trying to make it to a waterfall atop Mt. Charleston) and Steve Bierman.  After Kenny dropped out, a prop bet was made for next year with Steve as he almost killed me too in his assault on the mountain.  Crazy 100+ degrees in Vegas and a half hour away we hiked up to the point we could see SNOW.  Wow.

-Pokerwise, it would have been a great summer if 20% got paid.  Unfortunately, it's 15% or 10%.  I survived 80% of the field in most of what I played and yet had little to show for it.  In fact, my abbreviated trip was made even shorter with all the days off around each day of the Main Event.  So I barely played half of my package.

-First time staying in a house.  My roommates Jeff, Morgan, Ben, Steve, Chris, all made the short trip better.  We had a pool.  I didn't get in it.  I am stupid.  They did and they loved it.  A lot better experience than being confined to
the strip.

-Big Hand.  First the background.  Guy comes in sloshed, sits down in my cash game on a Wednesday.  He's on my left, but I am looking to play any two cards against him.  He is kind enough to fold out of turn when he misses the flop and just shove all in when he hits two pair or better.  I like him.  People are complaining about how slow he's playing.  They haven't figured out he shoves we he has it and he's chipped up.  I'm just waiting.

At one point he goes south. I.e. he puts his big chips in his pocket during play.  I discreetly tell the dealer, she nods and discreetly gets him to pull the chips out of his pocket.  "I didn't know he says."
Five minutes later I take two big pots from him and take all the chips that were on the table and at one point in his pocket, he leaves.

Saturday he returns.  This time he comes to my game "kind of "recognizes me and selects first the seat to my left, then perhaps feeling the deja vu opts instead for the one to my right.  Yum? He proceeds to run up his stack (me too).  Again, people don't catch on that he's strong when he's shoving.  Every once in a while he does it on a bluff and shows and they pay him off every... single... time afterward.  Did I mention he was blitzed again?  Yeah, well he was.

We are the two big stacks at the table (can't believe I am still setting the stage) when a new guy sits down and buys in, his first hand is kings and I crack 'em.  Angrily he matches my stack.  Yes, I probably made a bad turn call but oh well.   The very next hand that new guy opens for $10.  Folds to the drunk in the small blind.

The action is halted as the dealer realizes the drunk has sold chips to another new player and taken the cash off the table.  While they debate that, I notice his big chips are missing (again).  He is coaxed to put the $300 cash on the table.  He complies but is irritated about it.  I haven't spoken up yet about the chips and before I can somebody reminds him the action is on him, he says "I'm all in."  The dealer whips the all in button at him.  He and I are at about $1200 effective.

He looks at the button and drunkenly says what and tosses it back.  "I was just joking!"  Then he picks up his cards for the first time pulling them to his face and I see plain as day 7-5 offsuit.  He's pissed, and does not want to be all in.  A debate commences and the dealer says they need to call the floor.  At this point, I discreetly (have I really used the word discreetly four times in this one post?) say to the guy, "Where are your big chips?"  Probably another $400 to add to the effective stacks---maybe more.  He says, "In my pocket.  That's not illegal. You can totally do that."  I nod.  I have yet to look at my hand and think about how I'm going to tell the dealer he's gone south without this guy blowing a gasket.  He's already pissed.  I decided to look at my cards as we waited for the floor.  8-5.  I have him crushed.

What would you do?
Don't forget the guy that opened that is angry at me has a giant stack too.

Alright, that my friends is a cliff hanger.  Next time I'll tell you (believe me it's anti-climatic) what the end result was.


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