Boomtown! Fan Fire! Heater! Spoilers!

As always since this is first a poker blog let's start with poker. first.


Finally, there is another option for tournament poker players in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.  Have heard great things about the Heartland Poker Tour.  Will get to see it firsthand at the end of the month.  100k guarantee on the reentry event, an 1100 Main Event with multiple flights, and lots of ways to get into all the tournaments cheaply through single and multi-table events.  Big update on the front page of


Going to the Beau.  I still have yet to put together my package.  A lot of folks are rolled over into it.  And a number of ya'll have asked me for details.  I think I should get it done by Monday Night.

My buddy Kenny will be wearing a dress for Flight A because he lost a bet.

You better believe I will be there for that.  Especially, because things seem a little tense between him and his good buddy Charlie who he made the bet with.


So I finally tried out this App which allows you to win tokens and use those tokens for prizes.  Pretty cool format.  I played it for two NFL Games, Cowboys-Eagles and Saints-Falcons.

Positives: it complemented the game I was watching without getting in the way.  Before the game you answer about 10 questions regarding the outcome.  Quick to do.  Then every change of possession it gives you about four choices on possible outcomes for the resulting drive.  Had fun predicting the plays.  Very easy to click through.  Set it up with a couple of friends and maybe we did a little something to make it more interesting on the side.  Definitely will play again.  Think it enhances games you are watching but maybe are not that into.  Also don't think it takes away from games you are really invested in emotionally.

Negatives:  You can't edit your picks.  No misclicks. Also, some of the questions are almost misleading.  I answered that I thought the Dallas running backs would get x amount of yards for the game.  I assumed it was rushing yards, but the category was receiving.

Also, it's important (if you are making it interesting with friends) to actually watch the games.  Sometimes if there is a quick change of possession, the app alerts you to four new questions, and you don't know where a team is on the field making some questions hard to answer.  In the Saints game, after a recovered onsides kick the questions steered for the Falcons drive applied to the Saints (silly because totally different intentions).

I found this at the end of the football season.  Wish I had more time to play with it.  That said, I'm sure it'll be up during the playoff games.  Maybe I'll play while at the Heater.  Still don't quite understand how the tokens and prizes work.  If you'd like to join me in a league please use this code to sign up


So, went to the cinema with my son.  The ticket taker, despite our best efforts to not know what happened in the Star Wars movie, promptly, politely and cheerfully asked if we knew the ending was going to be...xxxxxxxxx.....  Then she mentioned another piece of information to spoil it even more.

Delicious!  A bit like turning on a game and in the pregame Bob Costas tell you which team won't catch a hail mary at the end to lose.

Why watch the movie when I can have a 18 year old's two sentence synopsis.  I looked at her like she was crazy completely dumbfounded she would say that.

Sure enough everything she said would happen... happened.

Think that should be a fireable offense or at least an instant refund on the ticket.

Anybody from AMC theaters read this blog?  Shoot me some free tickets.


I hope everybody had a great end of the year.  Had a lot of fun milking the last of the magic out of Christmas.  Don't know how many years left I still have with all my children believing in the elves from the North.  Have enough older friends telling me to soak up every moment because it's so fleeting, so trying to, still time moves faster for all us.

Exclamation Points!

I have a daily limit of one.  I'm a little over that. When somebody gave me good news recently, I noticed I got a little out of hand with them.  What am I, a sophomore who just got her learner's permit? Will try to not use any for January!  I meant January.


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