Run Good, Run Bad!

Just want to say a big congrats to all the locals who kicked butt at the Beau Rivage Million Dollar Heater and the just recently completed Boomtown HPT event.  Nice to see some of the good guys run good.

First and foremost, my partner Gene D went deep at Boomtown despite being deathly ill the morning of day two.  Great result for a class act.  He earned that one, and faded the bubble breaking with an all in at the same moment as the eventual bubble boy Maurice Hawkins go it in.

Jeff Sager went deep at the HPT, somehow holding late on Day two when he got it in with Pocket Kings and was called by I think Queen Jack?  Good for him.  Big Phil is a regular at the Harrahs weeklies and bar tournaments and he confesses to being on fire right now.  Great for him.  He's playing well too.  Saw it first hand at Boomtown where he kept applying the pressure.  I know he bluffed me off at least one hand.

Chris Canan pounded the satellites at Boomtown time and time again.  He was really keyed into those events.  Steve Bierman took down a Seniors event before letting somebody else win something as he went skiing in Utah.  Hiep Doan continues to climb the ranks of Louisiana's all time money list and has proven definitely he deserves his results because he keeps producing.

Jerry Giroir couldn't stop cashing at the Beau Rivage.  Another trend that doesn't seem to be abating.  Well done Jerry and to Prissy too who was having success.  Seems only a matter of time before he runs good enough to get another outright win.  Also, shout out to Ronnie Hope who's crushing too and coming back with chips in the bag at the Scarlet Pearl.

Unfortunately, I did not have any results to join them in tournaments.  If every tournament offered a free seat to their next event for the bubble boy like the WSOP Main Event does, then I would be stock piling buy-ins.  I've grossly been the bubble boy or one off it at least 10 times the last couple of months.

It's gotten to the point, where if I get it in good with a dominating hand and my opponent holds a queen I expect the worst.  Here's a recent couple of hands for me to bitch about (which are representative of ton of unbelievable hands in criticals spots) as the bubble neared on one tournament.  Short stack shoves preflop, I raise with JJ to isolate.  I get a caller from the blinds. Flop comes 9 high.  He checks I push.  He calls off with QJ (queen high) saying it's best hand he's seen all day and he can't fold now (?).  Short stack reveals Queen Three.  Normally, I'd like my chances.  After a queen fell to lose me the pot (and triple up the short stack who also hit his three),  a couple of hands later I get it in with AQ (me) v. KQ to bust on the bubble.

Everybody has bad runs or bad beats, just need to weather the storm, but it's so weird how these things happen in repeating patterns even though I know it's all random. Makes it even more frustrating.  I hold QQ them QJ.  I push them chips.  I'm looking forward to take a break after this weekend until probably after my family trip to Disney.  I feel like the bad beats and bubbles have compounded to me contemplate playing poorly and impatiently too.  Or at least the urge to play poorly and impatiently is now there.  That's not a good thing.  Also, I hear myself complaining about the bad run and bad beats.  Nobody likes complainers ergo I don't like me (as I'm devoting part of my blog to this double the self-hate :) ).  I also hate that the loudest groans in the tournament area of late are usually just after I play a hand and they get there in harsh fashion.

Before I take a few weeks off, I will check out the Scarlet Pearl's latest quarterly event.

I hope you are run better than me.


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