Three videos I enjoyed recently.

First the pain of fandom.  Funny if you aren't a Kentucky fan, but heartbreaking if you are:

 Second, this kid is just the truth. Not sure if you don't play or follow soccer if you can see how good he is in these clips or if it's just patently obvious. To me, it's incredible to see how soft his touch is on the ball, the perfect weight on his passes, the vision of a point guard at times coupled with the accuracy of a QB threading a needle. There are glimpses of Messi like greatness. And he's 18. And he's American playing against full grown men, but already the best player on the field for his national team. He makes a handful of mistakes in this video as all pros do, but when he's on it's a thing beauty. I never "got" baseball, so I'm sure a compilation video of Greg Maddux painting the corners of the plate would be somewhat lost on me, but then again sometimes when people are really good at what they do, you don't need to understand to see it. Curious, if that's true yet for this kid for anybody that doesn't like soccer or doesn't get it?

 Third, I'm a big fan of this lady. Her son starred for Richmond this year, amassed two triple doubles, earned honorable mention All-American, and is about as quality a kid as you can find. Humble, hard working, earnest, friendly, thoughtful, he's the total package. His mom is maybe the GOAT in women's basketball. Now she's pursuing coaching in men's basketball and this a good profile on her. She came on during a Richmond game and gave some analysis, the level of it and the nuance with which she spoke made the normal analyst sound sophomoric. I'm all about breaking barriers and I think one day she'll succeed as a head coach in the NBA. By the way, she played in a men's pro league when she was young, she also was a globetrotter (TJ's father a Washington General), and she'd be a much bigger name if they had the WNBA when she was young:

Have to follow a link for this one:


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