Reap what you sow...

Never thought something as seemingly easy as buying a computer could prove to be so difficult. In the last week, I've made two stops at separate Best Buys, four stops at Office Depots, and finally finding the device I wanted I am ready to go.

Frustration is being told they don't have what you want in stock despite their inventory saying they do, then being sent somewhere else that does... but lo and behold rinse and repeat, then being sent somewhere else with even grander assurances that they have it... but lo and behold rinse and repeat with three options they said were all viable including the first two stops. Finally, before going to my last stop, I said have them pull it out of the back room and set aside for me... I'm not leaving until someone is physically holding it. Eureka it was there.

I don't know if I felt exultation or frustration.

Btw, after the third stop at the chain and dealing with the same questions for the salesmen I embarrassed the wife a bit. He asked "Well, what are you using the laptop for?"

I said quite earnestly "Browsing porn. Is this a good machine for that?"

He said, "yes."

"No, I'm kidding."

He goes, "oh, really."

"Yeah, I'm not really browsing if you know what I mean."

He then started telling me about another customer who had a terrabyte of porn. He said "We saved it for him... and copied it... no just kidding."

I said, "I was just kidding... but I don't think you are."

He was also the salesman that went to the back and never returned after about 30 minutes only to have his sidekick who couldn't eat an Apple much less turn one on tell me that the manager couldn't find it in the back. Maybe I deserved that one.

Now, that I have the computer, and of course nit picking all the bad things, I just need to get the software I lost on my old computer and I can get back to updating the site. Lots of stuff I need to update and maybe a new blog or two to add as well.

Hopefully, getting the software won't prove as difficult as the Hardware.

Played some Donkleys. They pay 10. Recently I've chopped, finished 14th, 18th, and 8th. I've run well in all spots but the last two tables. Took some heat on facebook for announcing I was three for three in recent tournaments calling with A high to double up for my stack. Guess my hubris was paid back with my bubbles.

I've really been playing well (cue more run-bad when down to two tables for bragging). I managed to not go broke with a set. I flopped set over set with another guy OESF draw. I bet, the other set slowplay, OESTFD called. He checked when he hit it on the turn. I checked, other set checked too. River straight flush led out. I tried to find a fold but couldn't. Guy behind me called too. If I was third to act I fold. Straight flush could made a nice payday.

I also folded pocket queens to a three bet by an older player. Thanks to Joe Navarro I knew he was on Kings or Aces even though he had been three betting all morning.

The Ace high calls were the result of some funny lines by my opponents.

The first I had AK from early position and a guy I had played with for three straight tournaments on an opening table called as he tended to do against me when I opened. We had another with us. The flop came out like 885. I checked and the guy I knew insta led out as he tends to do any time a preflop bettor checks. Just felt like he was stealing. He bet sized like a lot of online players would do in the MTTs I played at low buy-ins when I checked the brick turn to him. Let's just call it a go away bet. I decided I was married to the hand. If he shoved the river I was calling. I felt I just had to fade some big cards.

River bricked again and after I checked he shipped the rest of his starting stack. I tried to see if I could fold there but my gut told me to call... I called. He humbly said Ace high with a 4 kicker or something. I showed AK. Another guy called me sniper. That guy I later called with bottom pair of fives and beat his pocket fours. Credit to Caro's tells for that one.

Next A high hand I had maybe A7. Flop was bricks. It was checked to me, I c-bet and one opponent called me as the rest folded. On the turn, he led out (??). I just knew he floated and was making a play here. I fired over the top of his bet (with air) and he called (?).

The river he checked to me and we both had about 2k left. I couldn't make up my mind what to do here. I felt he had nothing... but crappy pair or a better Ace scoops the pot for him. I stewed thinking I was supposed to bet, but with the stack sizes I open it up for him to come over the top and consider folding or have to shove. I considered the show-down value of my hand not very good. I bet, he shoved, I stewed. My gut told me to call. He said King high. I turned over the ace. Sweet.

Last one, which initiated me facebooking was in the second level of saturday's donkley. A guy was getting out of line with a lot of bets. I had AK and called him. The board came out paired with rags and he put out a tiny little scared bet. I should have come over the top but I thought I could pot control by calling. The turn... brick. He suddenly bet big (go away bet). Okay... very odd. Unless he just hit his set what changed... nothing. Maybe he has trips with an ace but just didn't match his betting style. I called with full intention of calling any size river bet if a face card didn't hit. He led out for most of his and my stack. Called. He had AQ. Gotcha.

Played some hands badly too, now that I've gotten the pseudo cyber bragging out of the way, let's get to the lessons I need to learn or relearn. In one tournament an old player limped under the gun. I was SB. I said to myself, self, he's limping with aces. Then I proceeded to put all my chips into the pot and hoped he wasn't. Umm he was, I walked to the door.

Another one involved a guy I thought to be wide open (turned out as the tournament proceeded, I saw that wasn't the case he was just getting slapped in the jaw with the deck in the early levels). On his turn bet, I thought he was full of it and I represented a big hand--nice read Bill. Action on the turn he bet for 1k, I doubled it and a little to 2.2k. Baron Whipple also in the hand let me know pretty quickly my two high cards were drawing dead when he shoved behind me. The kid made it worse by reshoving. Oh, the weakness I "sensed" were two sets, slow played on the flop. I got out of the way, and the kid one outed Baron for quads. Lol, tough game.

Anyway, hope to have the site chugging along soon.


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