Assorted Thoughts

Lots of things in the To Do box:


-Adding a new blogger probably today.

-In the work... the Yearbook will finally come out at the end of this year. We'll have the mock cover up soon enough, though I understand ya'll have reason to doubt us, it's going to happen.

-We'll have two very big additions to the website soon that will add some entertainment to the readers.


-Headed to the Beau, looking to play Sunday because of a variety of commitments family wise from now to then. Maybe some events after that depending on being able to get away.

-Dead Money Tournament also looks a go.


-I must be a nut agreeing to take this on. Looking to coordinate a massive meet the families type reunion trip next year on the panhandle for assorted friends. It's really open to anybody, so email details if you are looking for a week to sit on the beach and have a good time in Florida with wives and kids.

That's only the half of it. The rest is even more boring so I'll skip sharing it.

Okay, some poker. Played the Donkley. Took a gamble in a spot where I thought if I hit I'd be cruising to the final table. In retrospect, probably another mistake. In early position I opened with pocket nines. I think blinds were 200-400 and I made it 1000 or 1100. Shortish stack next to me shoves for ~4.5k. I have about 11k. An even shorter stack shoves for a little less. Big stack that plays a lot of pots just calls.

I think I'm flipping with a lot of his range and there is a lot of side money in there. Probably committed to shoving if I call, but I think with about 4 to 5k left if I call and I m ss, I'll still have life if I don't hit. If the board is ugly and I get a read, I can fold. If it's dry and I get a read I can also "stop and go." So I call. I also have a weird feeling I'm going to hit a set.

Flop comes Q high, I miss my set. I think a ten was there too. I check and big stack cool as a cucumber slides in his chips. He's not afraid to make that play with AK there, but I rethink him preflop and I know he'd probably isolate with those drawing hands like AK maybe AQ. KQ probably finds the muck. I have to give him credit for a big pair.

He turns over pocket queens when I fold. Top set. Bad bet. Even worse when a 9 hits the river (I did hit my set--ha, ha). He said he was scared of the two clubs. Course if he thought about it if I had two clubs I'm calling off my chips, so that bet wouldn't give any protection, especially considering the heavy pot odds. All it did was cost him money both ways.

Perhaps, if I hit my flush, I merely value bet him and he pays me off but saves him some money. If I don't have the flush draw his bet chases away all the hands he can get value from like... pocket 9s that improve to a set on the river.

Sometimes I feel like there is justice in poker. It seems like there is a high frequency of times where you get out of a hand that was supposed to bust you, and later your final chips find the stack of that same player. Later with a few bbs and the blinds two hands away I shove a suited king. The big stack was on the button with AQ and looked me up. Neither improved and I hit the cash game.

Talk to the mysterious Joe B. who gave me the details of a profitable trip to Vegas. I wouldn't be surprised to hear Joe make some more trips reading between the lines. Joe won two massive pots while I was there, both of which I considered playing, but decided the hands were too marginal to play against Joe. And what I mean by that is Joe is very selective about what he plays, and he plays his hands very well. So even if I hit, my profit margin is less than what it is vs. a couple of other opponents.

In one he flopped a set against two players and got all their chips when it went three to a flush on the turn. One guy had the A of the suit and chased it, and the other had maybe two pair. I would have made the winning flush (10 high). When he scooped the massive pot I looked on envious. Those six bills should have been mine.

Joe put his chips on lock down and I got busy trying to isolate a couple of the weaker players (and that table got squeaky quickly). Unfortunately, one of the targets ones was on my left and it was difficult to overcome his positional advantage but I mixed it up with him a good bit and turned a profit. The other, fortunately, was on my right and he paid me off good, and when he left so did the guy that replaced him.

In the hand, I had called his bets twice after flopping a set. Board went three to a flush, with a pair of deuces showing on the turn, and he led out again. I called. I didn't have the full house, I had quads. I was praying he had a set and the board would pair again. Just thinking about the jackpot, that had already been hit that day but was still at 18k or so, made my hand shake a little bit when I called the turn.

River was a brick and he checked. I overbet and he called off. He had two pairs over the deuces. Can't say I like his call that much. Anyway, that hand and a couple of other big ones I picked up in the last rotation gave me a nice little profit on the day.


Anonymous said…
Very nice read! Enjoyed the cash game session. i really need to look Joe B. up! Talk at yah later.

Big Lovely aka Big Smoove aka Goondingy.

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