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How could you not be interested in the vocal stylings of Manny Pacquoio aka Pac-Man (but shouldn't it be Man-Pac), in particular his version of "Sometimes when we touch"... You know after you saw his commercial you wanted to hear more. Here it is.

Hard not to think about boxing with some of these lyrics, but I did have to remind myself this guy could probably deliver a death blow to me before I could blink especially when I thought about making fun of his "frear in me".

In the Ukraine they have all these bears they force to drink vodka in restaurants. It's entertainment and no it's not William The Refridgerator Perry and Mike Singletary these are the real thing, furry, angry beasts. They want to build a reserve just for them. I remember chimps dying of lung cancer and thought Hollywood did them wrong by forcing cigarettes on them, but here, I'm not so sure I understand this. Would you really want a bear, much less a drunk bear, in your restaurant?

Saw this link: "Swedish Man tries to split atoms in kitchen."

More Manny this time with Will Ferrel:

Oh yeah, AROD wrong place wrong time again:


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