Link Dump, Know Thyself, Know Karma...

and some poker to follow...

Anyway... link dump:

-One of the great advantages of playing poker and improving at poker is improving your decision making. Sometimes there are other articles about improving as a human that can influence improvement as a player. Here's one "Know Thyself". Sounds like a book worth reading. All kinds of benefits, nefarious and otherwise for the anchoring effect (surely some of you salesmen and negotiators out there already utilize).

-The newest warning to become eco friendly, if we don't stop global warming Aliens may kill us to protect the galaxy. Not just anybody writing this garbage but a NASA scientist. They must be so proud. Makes me reconsider being upset at them killing the space program... with this literal Rocket Scientist at work how'd they get anything into orbit?

If you want to dissuade people from polluting and baking the Earth, and feel threatening them is the way to go just use Al Gore. Yes, sic old Al Bore on them... "Two more hours listening to him? Or filter my smoke stacks. Okay EPA you win." To read how they are trying to scare us with Alien invasion instead go here.

-I've debated folks about Karma but here is a case of what goes around comes around. Now, I'm not saying Karma isn't necessarily some force that works in the background of the universe that evens things out, sometimes it's just folks paying attention to what kind of person you are. Ever work in a restaurant? You probably aren't a difficult customer or a dick to the waitstaff. Well, at least until they are done handling your food and drinks. Hard to like thievery, but Robin Hood might like this ID scam. Tip the wrong waitiress bad? Well, good luck with that credit card balance this month. Read here.

Software is the new oil? The new gold? Maybe it is....


The Harrahs Saturday tournament had 105 players. Not bad at all. I chipped up fairly quickly and then got short when I had a terrible mis-step.

Here it is:

In Big Blind with 10d8d. Blinds were 50-100. EP raises to 250. Two callers I complete. 1050 in the pot. I got maybe 9k to start the hand.

Flop spits out Jack,10,9 (rainbow). I'm open ended with middle pair. I fire out 450. Guy who led out was only one to call. Turn is a King. I try a blocking bet (uh... what?) when maybe a check here was the correct play. Just about every hand I have to give him credit for, except say a pair of 8s (which are less likely with me holding the 8) has improved on me. AK. KQ. KK. QQ. Maybe KJ. Ouch, ouch, ouch. He puts 1k on top.

Clearly the King has improved his hand. It's AK at best, but likely AQ. Easy fold. No I call.

River spikes a 7 and I check call for 2k more. Here it's AQ. Granted some oddly played sets Jacks or 9s could be in the mix but I just don't see that particular player playing them like that.

Maybe I am a call station.

Got to sit next to Kenny Milam and Parfait quite a bit as the tournament progressed. Kenny cracks me up, unfortunately he saw his run of four straight final tables come to an end. Parfait min-cashed and kept me on my toes. Always good and fun to chat with him.


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