Tournament Poker and Cash Game mistake...

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It’s brick city.

Btw, that’s not my second Texas Holdem game terrible mistake on the evening, even though I had plenty of reason to not shove right there.

The next moment of stupidity would be in the cash game. I head over to the poker room and sit down and start to try and generate something positive. The dealer co-operates. I win one of those pots without any chips in front of me before the chip-runner has come back with pocket jacks. Freeroll a cash game? Fun.

Wonder how often a player has sat down and said they already gave their money to a chip-runner and tries to win their first hand. Probably, casinos are pretty on top of that scam, but you’d think with all the freshly broke degens out there somebody would be giving it shot more often.

So, I win a few more pots and notice the table is basically a lot of shallow stacks and passive players, hesitant to call all in. I told myself, now is the time to shift gears and forget how I play poker tournaments, and I start opening up. The chips start flowing my way. Fun.
Later, some new faces come into it and they refuse to just let me bulldoze the table and play back. Three of them are friends, drinking some beers, and partying. One is with a girlfriend. They whisper that the chip-runner knows his wife. Then with the scotch doing the talking he tries to tell the chip-runner that the lady he is with is his daughter. Apparently, he’s been married multiple times so the chip-runner buys it.

Then the scotch really does the talking as he blunders it completely and says the woman is the daughter of his current wife that the chip-runner knows. She gives him the “Please, child” look. The girlfriend not too subtly hits the guy in the leg to get him to shut up, but he’s just verbally digging his hole more and more.

Pure comedy. Ironically, he looked a lot like Tiki Barber, and that's ironic because Barber is accused of cheating on his hospitalized pregnant wife with a mistress before their divorce.

His friend, who apparently he owes some money to, but isn’t paying and isn’t going to the ATM because he’s not paying the 8 dollars it takes to withdraw, is a stubborn player but decent. I watch the friend get into a multi-way pot where the turn and the river are a couple of those cards that turns the holdings upside down. He says something very distinctive like “I’m just going to see if I can get away with this bet” to induce a call on the river.

The guy stews and he goes into full on actor mode and tries to incite a call. Finally, his victim falls for it and raises, action gets back to him, he looks over the board and says three hands he doesn’t think his opponent could have, then shoves, the other guy calls and he turns over the stone cold nuts—one of the hands he said the other guy couldn’t have. Hmmm—I file that away.

So we get into a hand, where I was in the blind with garbage 10-5. Limped. Okay let’s see a flop. I pop a gut shot with two of 7, 8 or 9 out there. Checked around. Turn is payday. I check hoping somebody got a piece. Nothing. I probably should have bet but oh well. River is a 6. I start to bet but that guy is already betting. I check, he bets. Tasty.

Then he says the same thing he said the prior hand “Imma just gonna see if I can get away with this little bet.”

I repopp from 15 to 60. The pot was a small little limped pot before that.

He says …

Hand continued in next post…


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