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More comments. I know this was done in the comments section previously but I want to flesh it out a little more. This question regarding a poker hand has inspired me to seek out some input for a similar type spot from some pros and peers that I respect, which I will do in a later post. Already gotten some positive responses. Only problem is the hand is a tournament hand and not a cash hand. Anyway, here's the reply which differs from my online poker strategy and my expanded response.

Funny you should mention this. I was in a similar hand at Sands Bethlehem 2/5 about a month ago. Here's my description to a friend. I didn't have much of a read on this player other than that he was a somewhat grumbly middle-aged guy (but not an obvious grumbly nit/nut peddler type) who had been pretty quiet for the 30 mins to an hour since I sat down. I don't think I am being results-oriented.

"By the way, I lost way too much money with the second nut straight against the nut straight on Friday night. I bet $25 into a pot of $25 with 56 on a 345 rainbow flop, then $50 when the 7 hit the turn and some guy insta-raised to $225 with about $125 left. Of course, I shipped it because I'm a donkey. What do you think? The way it was played, would anyone do that with a set? I don't think they would. The other guy's line basically screams NUTS. So basically I'm praying for a chop at best there. Expensive lesson..."

That’s a tough hand. Sometimes a duck is a duck. It is ironic because we faced similar spots and both wish we did what the other had, and lost because we didn't.

One of the hardest part things about poker for me is separating what I would do in a situation and what the other guy would do. So I take it this guy was in late position (probably a blind) in a limped pot. Despite being tight he got into the hand cheaply and his hand range can be anything. I agree with your retrospective thought that his passiveness preflop and on the flop throws out sets (and overpairs) especially when he shoves as the danger card hits. Also, it's not a spot he thinks you are just trying to buy a pot as you can have anything too, so you certainly can have what you are representing.

I do think you aren't giving yourself enough credit. Sometimes you find a call there if you don't think the guy gives any consideration to what you have. He could be dumb enough to think 75 is the nuts there. Doesn't sound like he fits the bill for that type, but I think some tight players overplay hands because they get involved so infrequently.

Or if he’s just some lag mule (which clearly he wasn’t) that tries to buy every pot. In cash games, I see so many people steal in absolutely terrible spots where they can only be betting into hands as strong as yours that it’s ridiculous. Can’t anticipate irrationality. Somebody gets bored or decides that they have to pick up soon and are going to make a move at a pot and can’t see it’s the worst time to do it. All you can do is consider that an X factor in your decision process and pay attention to if they are looking at a watch/clock on phone, got friends waiting, or expressing frustration to value the weight of it.

Course, I don’t know what table image he has of you there. If he thinks you are wide open to a fault, he might be looking you up. I doubt this is the case, cause I remember you as aggressive but not reckless player. I’ve seen very good players decide to take a stand to lags with a hand that’s not worth diddly just because they are tired of the bullying. Obviously, this is not the case but I know when I’m running good and barreling over a table,that I can call lighter because people push back lighter out of frustration.

I guess another consideration is could he be savvy enough to bet a scare card hard against you? NITs bluff too. It’s one of the virtures of being a NIT-- not being looked up when you steal. And generally, even if I think he's stealing I'll let a NIT get away it... the first time.

Anyway, I think retrospectively you could find a fold there, but I argue that I should have found a call in mine so those two concepts contradict one another. The results from my hand vindicate your decision and vice-versa. Back to square one. Man, I love to drone on with no discernable conclusion. :)


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