Some Football over Poker... (Part 1 of 3) Farmville

This weekend I made an appointment to sit down and play some Texas Hold em online poker . I didn't keep that appointment. First I made it for Saturday, then I made it for Sunday. Neither happened. Not to say, I had an empty weekend. In fact, it was just the opposite. I was very busy. Real life keeps intervening in my forays in the virtual world.

May have to just put the son in day care and grind a nine to five poker job as I can’t seem to carve out time in my free time to do it as side job. For now, I’ll just have to keep reading bwin poker blog to keep tabs on real online players, that find the time to play.

Instead, I went with the wife and kid to a pumpkin patch on the North Shore. Okay, it wasn't a pumpkin patch. It was advertised as that but it was really just a farm, with an okay farm tour and a petting zoo.

Red Bluff farm, ever heard of it? Must say I like the name. I don't want to bash the place, because it's a fun place to go, kid friendly, parent friendly, and a pretty decent value for your entertainment money. I will probably go there again when my son is older and I would recommend it for others to spend a good wholesome half day there. Just don't expect something other than a visit to the farm.

Now, the negatives, the guy leading the tour talked a little too much to keep a kid's interest. I've done the bit where you have to recycle a spiel and the jokes lose their pop and the presentation loses it's sizzle with each repetition. So I know that's tough but instead of stretching it out he should focus on editing it down.

Another thing he should remember is it's all right to laugh at the navitte of the city folks to his family and his staff but poking fun at the ignorance of your guests to your guests isn't exactly going to endear them to you. Even if you think the majority will share in the humor, I would avoid it.

Still, watching them shear a sheep, milk a cow, and do some of the other farm stuff was worthwhile. There just weren't many pumpkins or much of a hayride at all. I don't even know if they grew their own pumpkins. So, billing it as something it might turn away some people too. Focus should be more on Halloween and less on the virtures of farming, but hey who am I to criticize they have a pretty good thing going.

Can't believe I just reviewed a farm trip. That was probably as entertaining as the tourguides jokes about what color cow makes chocolate milk...

Okay, we made it back in time for the instant Classic Auburn-Arkansas game. Game was insane. Despite a 20something point win by Auburn it easily could have been that big of a loss. Some just brutal instant replay reviews went against Arkansas in huge swing moments in the game. I don't want to hear any Auburn fans bitching about bad luck after what I've seen the first few weeks of the season.

Cameron Newton is a big deal. I know most of Auburn Nation must be running around like an Oprah Winfrey audience after she gave them a free car, because my mother, (if ya'll know my mother you know this is crazy) sends me the following email:

... oh, I guess I dangled a carrot (a journalism phrase Monkey refreshed my memory with recently), you'll have to wait til next time to read mom's email...


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