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Ironically, as he was talking about it I was opening up my hand range and trying to hit big hands against big stacks. Yes, I was playing just the way we were condemning in our conversation. Of course, I bled off chips as people wouldn’t really protect their hands and I never hit my draws. The Texas Hold'em poker tournament that day went pretty well for me from a cards perspective though bad as a player.

I found myself in a lot of odd spots which I guess is always true if you play poker tournaments often. The previous week I had stolen a lot of pots with big raises from position with middle pairs when five or six people limped and they’d all fold. I tried the same this week with nothing or little pairs (nothing) and everybody would call. One time I hit my pocket fives and boated on the River against Clint Schafer who stuck around to the end with top pair top kicker (AQ) and I doubled through him.

Another time I had pocket fives against a steady regular tight player. This is the hand I butchered. I’m embarrassed to write it but oh well… He opened from under the gun. Usually, a big hand. Lose player to his left seeing every flop called. Another guy called, and from the button I looked at my pair and said let’s do this.

I hit my set on the flop.

The tight reg bet out a “milking you kind of bet” on a queen, jack, five board. The other two folded. Hmmm. I called. The turn didn’t brought a flush draw. He bet again, I raised him, he called. The river hit the flush draw with a King, he checked. I… checked (?). He told me good hand and showed top two (KQ).

That was about the least I thought he could have. My analysis at the time was AK, JJ, QQ, AQ, KK, AA. AK suited for the flush was eliminated when the King of hearts hit the board, but AQ wasn’t (as the Queen on the board wasn’t hearts). JJ, QQ, KK crush me. I kill AK and AA, and all but one AQ(s). In retrospect I gave the guy too much credit.

He hits top or middle set why not check the flop? He won’t do that every time as he bets his hands when they hit in this tournament knowing that’s the only way he’ll get paid, but with no draws on board I got to think most times he checks them. KK and AA might bet there with two to act behind. KK catches me on the river but why check when you know you probably just caught up against an opponent that reraised. AA might bet twice and check the river.

Anyway, I should have doubled up that hand and pressed the action. It’s obvious in looking back even if I didn’t see it at the time. I came to regret that hand.
Did I tell you pocket fives were running hot for me? Well, they were. In another hand I had a table of limpers and I popped it from late position. A middle position player who likes to bluff a lot in general but had just been showing down winners in amassing a stack on this day repopped me. He easily had me covered and I’ve seen him stick it in in similar spots so I didn’t want to shove, though the idea crossed my mind.

I took a flop with him, in position, and we might have had another player with us. It came out King high. He checked (the other guy checked), I bet. Loose guy called. Other player headed for the hills.

To be continued...


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