Online Poker Empty Victory

Critics of online poker will tell you any victory in online poker games is an empty one. Okay, not going that route today, don’t want to get Nick Shulman on the World of Jenks on you but do want to express my frustrations again with cashing like Allen Kessler in big MTTs. Getting tired of doubling or tripling my buy-in at the lowly stakes I play at when there is so much more at the top of the payscale. I guess it’s better than losing.

Watched a bit of TK (TimKrank) win the Sunday Brawl--always can learn poker by watching it at a high level. He owned the final table and I saw he was the most willing to put his opponents to the test. The thing I got out it most was that it seemed like he was most willing to also put his toes in the water and withdraw them when his opponents showed strength, unless he had the hand to do battle. No matter how the previous hand went down he was always willing to apply more pressure.

Great to see that when he is playing for 20k and 30k pay jumps. I feel like when I’m running over a sit ‘n go it’s just that consistent, ruthless, and persistent aggression that wins the table. Course besides the buzz I get from winning, and hating to lose, the stakes couldn’t be more different. Still, it goes to show you what being successful requires.

I also saw how he minimized his bets when leaning on his opponents. Seemed like he better managed his stacks than all of them. I wouldn’t say I got a read on him, but I did start to get a sense of when he was going to fold or play back.

Not that it would be much help to me, as most of the reads were when action was back on him not before the pressure was applied. Maybe it was a timing tell but I did get a sense of his rythym. He battled back and forth in three way play and like I felt watching the beginning of the final table earlier it seemed like he was the only one risk losing the tournament right then to win it all later.

Congrats to him, that’s a nice score. Really impressive play too. I don't really know TK all that well but in the short interactions we've had he's been generous with his experience and counsel and I have a very high impression of him as a quality person. So great to see a score for him.

Monkey’s run in yet another event inspires confidence in me as well. I have a great respect for him as a live poker tournament player. He seems to know where he is in a hand, senses weakness extremely well, and knows when to dial it back down again if he gets his hand slapped at in the cookie jar. It amazes me how successful a player he can be and how until a couple of years ago he struggled with dialing it back down away from the felt. They seem to go hand in hand.

Though I guess you could argue, that they have gone hand in hand with him experiencing his greatest highs after some of his lowest lows and learning equilibrium away from the table and applying it on the table. Whatever he’s doing it’s working and I’m taking note of it too.

As the year draws toward a close with a busy local schedule ramping up I’ve reviewed some of my goals for the year and I feel a pressure to close it out strong. I’ve done some of the things I’ve set out to do but really have been away from the felt way too much. Course, I’ve busy in other areas of life and experienced new happinesses as a parent. Kind of hard to budget time with a new son into your goals for the year but I feel no qualm in taking time off from poker to be a solid parent. Though I don't want that to be a running excuse. So we'll see how the IP starts off this week for me.


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