Link Dumps, Funny Video, and Online Poker

Played some online poker last night and only found a single Multi-Table Texas Holdem poker tournament that I wanted to play. As usual, one tabling online leads to a little bit of boredom. For whatever reason I didn't feel like playing Online Sit and go poker tournaments in conjunction like I normally do. So I surfed the net. Below are some of the more interesting places I visited.

First a video:

The greates Fail videos of the year. Some good ones, some seen a ton ones, and a few new ones sprinkled in there. Might need to fast forward but not a bad way to kill time waiting for a playable hand or guys nursing the time clock on the bubble. BTW, people are saying that's an angle in a debate on 2+2. What? You got a timebank to use any way you want it. I don't like it but it's a part of the game.

-I'm not big on the whole concept that we are a secretly evil country and deserve international hatred. Too much of a patriot, I guess, but sometimes you gotta wonder if the quacks aren't all that off, for example, we gave syphillis and gonnerehea (sorry, I'm not up on the spelling of STDs) to Guatemala. That was nice of us.

-I like Nutella but not this much.

-How not to spell congratulations on a cake.

-Les is less than stable. What a weird explanation just for the pattern of his speech and the strange emphasis on syllables. No wonder confusion reigns at LSU in late game situations. You have to love how the Mad Hatter just starts yelling at weird times and laughing at others. He's like Christopher Walken without the funny or the cowbell.

-Tiger Woods' roster of marriage breakers for a while had a lot in common with all the women coming out of Bill Clinton's bedroom. Every new one was met with a one word question... her? Speaking of Clinton every once in a while you'd see an old picture of Gennifer Flowers in her prime or Hillary in her... well of Hillary anytime... and you go, alright, I kind of get it.

But for Tiger whose ex-wife is light years hotter than any of the trash he swapped fluids with you never really understood it (except for that old maxim... show me a hottie and I can find you a guy who is tired of her). Course this Italian reality star (NSFW link) at least kind of gives you pause and upgrades Tigers indescretions a little bit.

-Okay, staying on the theme of pretty girls, I also visited a site with the top cheerleading squads in the NFL. Predictably Dallas made the list but so too did Tampa Bay and Miami from some what local places. The sole cold weather site to make the top 5 was Denver. San Diego was the other one on the list. Maybe they just have the best outfits. Go here to do some research.


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