Saints Superbowl Part III

You can compare it to the frustration of the Red Sox fans until their epic run a couple of years ago. Word of warning New Orleans, almost everybody not a Yankees fan rooted for the Red Sox to end their 90 year drought, but within three years the Red Sox and their fanbase already had more in common with the Yankees then anybody else. The Saints may have the rare opportunity to get dynastic, depending on the comings and goings of players, and hopefully the fans will stay humble (which is hard to do when your team is great). You get tired of anybody winning but the Saints for a night were America's team, what a great place for the bagheads to be.

Now, word of warning, if the Clippers and Cubs win championships we should definitely get ready for the apocalypse (just this decade... White Sox, Phillies, Red Sox, Tampa Bay Bucs, and now the Saints). I mean besides Cardinal fans, White Sox fans, and whoever they are playing who wouldn't pull for the Cubs to win. Same with the Clippers (except Lakers fans would probably pull for them to). Are we all cheering the end of humanity as we know it. I think not, but with all the wackos worried about the Mayan calender I might get just a little bit worried if the Clippers pull a cinderella this year in the playoffs, and the Cubs don't get Bartman'ed again.

As far as the sports betting, the Saints meant a profit for Vegas this year.

This guy's Vegas trip watching the Super Bowl brought back a lot of great memories I had there during March Madness in V2k (Vegas 2000). The camradery built by picking the same random team and watching them win, is a tie that bonds in a sportsbook, no matter that you have nothing in common with the guy across the aisle in any other walk of life. Betting opposite, and cheering opposite and those dudes suddenly are your mortal enemies. This guy chanting Who Dat with the other guys who just bet on the Saints had to be a totally awesome experience. The fact the entire casino was in on it later just shows you how much this win resonated across the country.

When my mom, who is less knowledgeable about sports than my wife, called to tell me about her experience watching the superbowl and ran through the plays with an emotional involvement... that was pretty significant. This is a lady who used to cheer at the wrong times during my games as a child. I'd be on the field and hear somebody cheer a foul from the wrong sideline and know it was her. Though, to her credit, she rarely misses an Auburn-Alabama football game but that's about it for her must-see sports. She doesn't even watch the Olympics.

Also at the party was my mother-in-law and unlike her daughter she's a sportsfan. Which is cool. She's a retiree that also plays xbox, recently bought an xbox 360, and enjoys the Wii. Pretty cool. She Tivos more sports than I do sometimes. She had a heart attack this summer but thankfully the excitement of the game wasn't too much. She was as passionate as everybody else in victory.

I really enjoyed getting to share that momentous win with a long suffering fanbase. My son will have something to tie him to his family that is more important than him following Daddy's footsteps as a Cowboys fan. Cowboys have enough fans I don't care if he roots for the Saints. The passion the rest of his family (members on my side included) have for them is something I want him to be able to share in as he gets older.


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