Saints Superbowl Part II

BTW, lots of people are slamming Peyton. You kidding me? Reggie Wayne didn't run his route correctly on one pass, and Peyton who was almost as good as Drew Brees on that day, did everything he could for the Colts. Sure Addai decided to show up but for anybody attacking Peyton he played a hell of a superbowl. Kurt Warner won a superbowl by playing awful except for one perfect pass and then lost one by playing great.

Peyton will be back. And maybe I will forget about his terminator face as he strolled into the stadium, his lack of sportsmanship, and his sulking on the sidelines but maybe I won't. I wouldn't be surprised in the next two or three years if we see a rematch of this game. That would be like 3rd or 4th level poker strategy as these opponents are starting to get to know each other a little bit.

Strange thing in the lead up to this it just felt like the Saints were destined to win and would not be denied. Very similar to that post Katrina game against the Falcons were they could have been playing the undefeated Dolphins team--you just knew they'd prevail.

Anyway, since I don't have a video that would humiliate my wife forever, turned her into a Youtube sensation, and maybe headed for divorce court here's a pretty good reaction video from Baton Rouge:

As I mentioned my son who was given to both New Orleans institutions, the Catholic Church and the Saints, is undefeated watching the games at a Saints party and in his Saints outfit. Apparently Drew Brees' one year old also is undefeated when attending games. Before my son's birth, I took a Lamaz class where the instructor mentioned she had built a relationship with the Breess and then Duce McCallister showed up and he enjoyed the class about as much as I did but was a nice guy. So from the very beginning it was destiny my boy was going to be a Saints fan. Now, if Ed Too Tall Jones walked in, maybe it would have been a different story.

I thought it was really cool to see Brees, a young father share that moment with his son in the Super Bowl and I could totally see myself doing that, just awesome.

Here's some pics of Brees-us (as he's called) with his son:

I had to go the quarter after the game. I'm a little too old for all that but I forgot for a moment. Awesome, simply awesome. Hearing what felt like the entire quarter chanting Who Dat in unison, watching bands march through with herds of people singing behind them, and high-fiving two city blocks was crazy. Everybody was in black and gold and everybody was euphoric. I heard somebody say New Orleans is used to throwing parties for other people, this time the party is for them, and that was the way it felt.

The connection of the city to the team is almost overplayed in the media but there is something very special here. There are the obvious and much repeated reasons why this victory resonates but it's even deeper. Even before five years ago it was a lot like Green Bay in terms of the loyalty and fervor and how the Saints tied into the city's identity. Sure they had lovable losers, and a rare year or two of glory (you know they've only had 8 or 9 winning seasons in their history... their history) but these fans stayed true, buying season tickets year after year. All they got was disappointment and heartbreak.


Anonymous said…
dont go overboard with this staying true and buying season tickets year after year nonsense. sure saints have close identification with N.O. but I went to games in N.O. in late 90s and during Ditka era and tickets were practically being given away. my friend got one for $5, heck he might have been paid to take it. bottom line saints fans werent showing up. is that to be expected given their history...yes it is. but lets not act like saints fans were coming out & supporting their team through thick and thin because they were not.

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