Saints Superbowl Part I

I was going to record my inlaws reactions to the fourth quarter of the Saints game in case it came down to the wire. For my wife's sake thank goodness I did not. She hates the stress of sports and felt like she was going to throw up before the game. She's not really sure what 3rd down means or how many chances a team has to get to the yellow line but she figured out the action pretty well by just knowing when her long suffering relatives cheered she should cheer.

Good thing I didn't video tape it because my wife would be a Youtube star right now. I've never seen a reaction quite like hers. The rest of the room exploded and her dance which consisted of limp-wristed stomp/run in place head shaking like she's at a church service where people talk in tongues was unbridled joy.

Yes, she roots for the Saints to win, but no she can't bare to watch most of the games, this year they've mostly won, but it was brutal experiences for her to endure in the NFC championship and Superbowl. So, that reaction was crazy, awesome euphoria. I imagine only the folks doing the sports gambling at the books in vegas could have seen a comparable sight not on the Gulf Coast.

After the game her uncle who went with his father to SuperBowl IV in Tulane stadium and saw early Saints game there too said, "I don't know what to do, what to feel, I never thought they'd ever win a Superbowl." His father who is 95 or 96 but could pass for 69 was pounding the beers and dancing with everybody else.

The entire room was high fiving and screaming, the fireworks blasting off outside and people running in the streets yelling Who Dat, was a fun thing to be a part of. I've gotten some flack as I've given my son to Who Dat nation and the kid is undefeated in his Saints outfit (I put him to bed early against my Cowboys--you're welcome Tex and RoRo) unlike his great-grandfather all he knows is the Saints win every year.

Though the Saints are definitely a strong number two for me and I've probably pulled harder for them since Katrina than I have Dallas. Really tough to stay loyal to a football team that signs every Pacman Jones that becomes available but somehow I can't help but pull for the Boys. Drew Brees just entered Deity status in the Crescent City.

If you thought Massholes man crushes on Tom Brady were a little over the top, or New Yawkers lovefest with Derek Jeter, that's only the tip of the iceberg. Brees has said and done everything right and his connection to his adopted city will one day translate into a statue outside the Dome.

Watching him during the Pro Bowl sitting next to Peyton Manning made me feel like I was watching a sports movie. You know where the bad guy has an incredible relationship to the media and says and does everything right on camera, but as soon as the camera is off he's kneeing his enemy in the balls, twisting nipples, and getting his Shooter McGavin on. Brees, dwarfed incidentally, just seemed the cooler of the two and while both were saying everything right Drew seemed more genuine. I just imagined when the two walked away Peyton would try to Ivan Drago Brees and Brees would laugh him off.

Which is odd because Peyton Manning has been an incredible scion of this city, him and Eli donating money, time, and effort to the rebuilding effort. He's a nice guy... still, I couldn't shake that feeling. Then when Peyton walked out without shaking hands it seemed like the cheesy sports movie had its required ending and he was definitely the angry, bested douchebag.


Anonymous said…
So would have loved to see the reactions!
Anonymous said…
Good post Bill. Its a little early to compare the love for Brees to the gender bending love for Brady and Jeter... but he's well on his way... even with that mole.

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