Online Poker Deep Runs... less delirium

So of late I've been the guy to play a late night multi-table texas hold'em online poker tournament, play all night, and play all morning, crack the cash and then bleary eyed watched stunned as some donkey makes a play that just doesn't make sense. So, when I say that I'm that guy, I know I'm one of you, we all do this it seems. Play patient, gamble when necessary, get a mini-rush and cruise.

Warning Poker Bad Beat Story paragraph ahead. Here it is: When I sat down to play online poker tournaments, I know they are coming, half the field gets it, but they still sting a bit. So I got pocket 10s, there are 13 of us, I'm one of two big stacks. First place pays over 1k. I think the buy-in was $2.20. There were over 4000 players that decided to play poker tournaments online, 4600 maybe. It was soon going to be daybreak again. My wife will not be happy, course if the bank account grows by a G, how can she be mad. I bet fairly large, guy on the button calls. Flop is fairly safe. 763. Would it be fair for me to say fairly again. Fair enough.

Uh-oh, another paragraph of the same, keep skimming down. I make a large bet just trying to take the pot down, the guy raises. 54? Impossible, not him. He's done this before with two high cards and then gone into check mode when called. No way bub. Not this time. Out of all the hands I can put him on 77 and 66 are the only two that beat me I crush the rest (he'd reraise with JJ or higher pairs). I think it's worth just taking it down, if he's got a set so be it.

Sorry, still at it, whining, keep scrolling. I basically shove for his whole stack leaving him a little left if he called... only because I didn't calculate the interface correctly. He shoves over the top for that tiny amount left. Alright I call. I'm flabbergasted as he rolls over 55. How can he think he'd be good there. Well, he got good real quick.

Okay, that's over, you can continue reading if you want patient reader. Then I was short stacked and snapped off non-memorably in 13th place. Yay! So, this happens a couple of more times this week, in one I misplayed KK. This is not a bad beat, but a poor play on my part.

Small blind limps. I raise with KK. He calls. Flop comes 783 rainbow of suits. He checks. I bet. He raises. I call. He checks the turn. For some reason I do too. I think I wanted to induce a river bet (... yeah, stupid I know). River is a 9. He shoves. What? I've got a big stack and this is for most of it. I try to go through the action. 7... 9? 3... 9? Pocket 9s?

I know I'm beat, but I also know these idiots at the low stakes will shove the river 7 out 10 times because they think it's the only way they can win the pot. I have to make a lot of thin calls but it enables me to acummulate chips. He could have anything a ton of hands A9?

Still, I think it's the right move to fold here. A lot of players also overshove when they hit their hands at this stakes. Plus, I could bust him... why shove. I call 39. Nice.

Still, I can't complain I'm growing my bankroll. Even though I've had a number of big scores within my grasp all from a tiny buy-in none have manifested themselves. What I am getting from it is confidence playing online poker tournaments and better being able to put people on hands where I'm kind of intuitively knowing their range without having to plod through the permutations. That's good.

I'm also running good and having big pairs (for the most part) holding up and winning me pots.


Anonymous said…
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United113 said…
How can he think he'd be good there...

Well said i think that at least 20 times a day... what goes through peoples heads?

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