Weekly Donkley Poker Tournament Thanksgiving Week

Some notable hands from the Donkley poker tournament to follow: I won a big pot with AK. A fairly tight guy with a big stack raised from early position. He was your typical middle aged white poker player. ABC. I was on the button and called. The flop came A high with three clubs. He led out a pot sized bet.

I stewed. It looked like a protection bet to me. In case he was semi-bluffing with a club draw I decided my best option was to shove. With action back to him, he deliberated forever and called me with AQ and had no club in his hand. Don't know what I'd do in his position. I think I would have folded. I think I bet enough to get an Ace with a club to fold, at least that was my intention. Obviously, I didn't have a club either. My hand held. That right there is the frustrating thing about these low buy-in tournaments, it’s so hard to protect a hand against players that will call anything. It’s hard to not be at the whimsy of the deck.

Earlier in the tournament small ball was biting me in the ass a little bit. I kept getting counterfeited on the river when a card would pair the board. A couple of times I had two pair, and put my opponent on top pair big kicker. Of course a card higher than my second would pair and then my second pair would now just be a kicker.

On one hand a gentleman shoved on me on the river. Fairly standard Texas Hold 'Em No Limit Tournament hand: I had A9 in the blinds. I turned a 9, after a 10A8 board. River was the 10. He had bet it the whole way. I couldn't call off the rest of my stack. The guy didn't flash me his cards after I showed A9. He said he shoved because he didn't want me to call. He remembered owing me one when I agreed to a chop and he had a tiny stack at the final table.

Thanks, for the favor I think? Kind of like that Curb Your Enthusiasm episode “is it a really a favor?” I didn’t see the hand so did he really repay me? Are we really square? I have no reason to think he was lying but it is a poker. What made it feel better was that he said he had A10. Oh… maybe I didn't get counterfeited.
Just two hands earlier a similar incident occurred. A guy shoved on me when the board paired and I had picked up a now bogus big blind two pair. The board was A high and he bet the flop and turn. He shoved the river. I couldn't call. Poker is Frustrating.

Still I manage to hang around. I played one hand fairly decently. Flop came out Jack high. I made second pair with a 9. Turn was a seven. Guy fired on the river which was a brick. I mulled over the hand. I couldn't give him the jack, nobody lets top pair if it's a qJ10 be checked. I also couldn't have him on a 9 because he should have bet the turn. I figured him for a busted draw and his bet was just too small. After I called him he suggested he demonstrated a tell. Not really, he made a good play, I just had the one possible hand that could call him in that situation (well, one of a small few).

Next post a few more hands… And after that I’ll put some paint on my computer screen and watch it dry…



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