The kid...

You know who he is. He plays with a scowl, he's fearless and not afraid to mix it up with anybody. He's relentless, aggressively betting into any and everybody on the table no matter their position but never getting his head in too deep. I bet he kills the tables when he plays online poker.

For much of the tournament he was at my table with a stack size comparable to mine. I also watched him with the resilency to rebuild his stack after a couple of bad beats back to a chip leading stack in no time. Man what an attribute. Get beaten down, and not only dust yourself off, but just not stop being controlled aggressive. He pounced on weakness from the first hand and didn't stop.

Some people when you slap their hand, that's it. Lesson learned, this kid realizes just the opposite should be true. With him you play back at him and scoop a pot, he's coming right back next rotation. Most people know him as Ricky, I'm most people so I know him as that too, and I have to say playing with him was fun and challenging.

I had to check raise him dry a couple of times because he just kept coming at me. If gave him an inch he'd take a yard. He probably won more off me than I him, but he made me up my game. When he was on my left, if I didn't come in for a raise he had liscense to steal from the table and did so. When he was on my right, the few times it remained unopened to me, I had to raise with any two cards, because he was betting all my marginal ones out.

I constantly watched him get his toes in, and then escape when real hands showed up.

Granted every multi-table tournament is a flawed prism. With limited knowledge at your disposal unless some guy is a complete luckbox and sucking out on everybody, you have no idea how well a guy is playing based on one deep run
with him. That being said, the kid can play. He always has you on your heels.

We both remember a big hand when I knocked him out at the last IP event, ending his string of consective final tables. I felt like I got a read on him and made a call. I knew it involved AJ, but he remembers me sucking out on him, and getting it in bad. He also remembers AJ being involved and maybe 10s.

Probably it's back there in one of these posts, I need to catalogue. It's funny, because I remember that hand and a read I got off him, and I was waiting all day to get the same read, but I never did. However, if I misremembered the hand and indeed got it in bad and won, then that read would have been useless anyway.

Anyway, it was fun to follow his lead and just attack people. I talked about trying to scoop three pots every two rotations, even if it was just blinds and antes, and the speed with which he did so, kept me attacking too.


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