WSOP November Niner Poker Player, Begleiter "It's okay I'm wealthy."

Saw this thread on 2+2 apparently after November Niner Steve Begleiter got knocked out he said the above. Begleiter is notable for being a former Bears Stern executive, who had some involvement in the the toxic assets that precipitated the recent economic collapse. He's not some self made internet online poker millionaire (though he did hire one upon making the final table--never too late to go to poker school I guess, and of course that coach is fellow Gulf Coaster Jonathan Little).

The sentiment, per se, of simply stating that he's wealthy really doesn't bother me that much, but there was some controversy and hate forcused at him. I started to join the fray and stopped myself deciding to post it here. Why? I'm not going to remember to get on there to follow up to any responses this might have gotten.

This post provoked me...

[QUOTE=tcash777;14409289]Does that me he is NOT wealthy.

Okay, you are right, he should have said, "this sucks, life is so unfair, I only have a few million in the bank, Im so poor."

[B]He is wealthy, it's a fact, not a brag[/B]. He was saying despite being sucked out on, he is still has a lot to be happy and thankful about. I didn't like the way he acted in the WSOP episodes either, but some people are just hating on him cuz he worked hard, got a good job and made money. Anyone hating on him for saying he is wealthy is just a pathetic, lazy, jealous *******, probably.[/QUOTE]


I disagree with you in two ways...

1. Brags are usually facts, those that aren't facts are usually called lies, and the other type of brags are simply unrevealed/undiscovered lies. To say it's a fact not a brag--is a bit of a headscratcher.

Brad Pitt is good looking. Women probably prefer that he doesn't have to say he is.

If you are rich, you don't need to say you are. Indeed, a humble man doesn't say it.

Even worse to say it in a context like "Yeah, it's horrible what happened to me, but hey at least I'm wealthy"--not so humble. I get the gist was to say, you know what I have too much to be thankful for, to complain about a poker tournament. And that's fine to an extent, but kind of like a back-handed compliment it's in a way suggesting he's better than those that don't have what he has. Doesn't faze me, but I can understand why it fazes others (if you enjoy irony, I'm kind of doing it too with that last sentence).

So, no I wouldn't call the guy humble. Humble is being loaded and people never finding that out about you from you. Or not showing the picture of your gorgeous girlfriend to any and everybody that will tolerate talking to you. If they see her they see her. When you jet-set off to Tahoe for a little skiing, you answer the where ya been question with "trip to the mountains."

2. The second way I disagree with you (though you could argue I'm not hating on Begleiter but just stating the fact he isn't wholly humble so maybe I don't fit into your category) I'm not jealous, pathetic, or lazy... but nor probably are the others that don't stoop to dropping their net worth as though it's self worth. I could care less if he is wealthy or if he feels the need to validate himself in the face of adversity by advertising it.

There are a many types of people in this world. Some are very similar but at the same times very different. Lets look at the ones that volunteer, say at a food bank or a soup kitchen and laugh and try to treat the people they are helping with dignity, and then there are the other guys that volunteer at a food bank and regale anybody that will listen how they wouldn't eat this slop and what a great steak they chowed down on at last night's dinner--all within earshot of the "pathetics" they are serving.

They also get irate when it's suggested their behavior is boorish "Hey, I'm volunteering here." Not realizing Begleiter's "I'm wealthy" statement invalidates his veener of humility means you'd probably fall into the latter category rather rather than the first. It's okay, both you and Begs are mostly good. I know a few wealthy people and most don't get or understand this difference, even the good ones.


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