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Recently, I got to play with Yarddog, the frequent online poker commentator on Monkey's poker blog, or should I say the frequent humorous commentator on Monkey's blog. I just had to give him a shout out, because he sat down at my table and promptly scooped two 150 to 200 pots with outrageous bluffs showing hole cards lower than the board. He tells me he's had some success playing online poker and I can see why, guy is fearless.

There are times when I've played that style usually with a lot of passive nits that I try to exploit, but it's just so so hard on some of these tables. Some of the players can only see the card in their hand matching the top card on the board and call no matter what, some will do so with second pair, and some with just ace high. I got to give the guy credit, without a read on the table, or perhaps with a preexisting one, he quickly put everybody to shame and stole some pots.

We both had an incredibly profitable down, and it came after one of those moments where I had thought about going home. We chatted in between dealers and I decided to throw in another time rake, though he had just won a ton, he sat down and bought in for 200. That quickly double and quadrupled in no time.

Odd thing was, on his first ostentatious bluff, I was thinking I'd probably call him if I were in the hand. Maybe that was because he just got finished telling me how he smoked another table but got bit back a little because he showed his bluffs. I believe the board was three to a flush. Nobody had the nerve and he took it down flashing 6-4 offsuit. I laughed

Shortly thereafter, I forget the particulars of the hand, he did it again. This time it was bet, bet, and then a big hundo bet on the river. I thought to myself, am I the only one thinking he's at it again. Apparently I was, because his multi-opponents all laid down and were stunned when he flashed air again. I couldn't stop myself from laughing. Just like I was at home playing online poker on a mac.

Later one of those guys clearly frustrated got into a hand with me. I c-bet the flop on a draw, hit my open ended straight (maybe even a gutterball straight) on the turn, bet again, and on the river he just shoved into me. I was contemplating the correct bet size, anticipating his check and I was kind of stunned. I double-checked my cards and said, "Yeah, I call... I got a straight."

Felt like I unintentionally slow rolled him a little bit. I apologized but I don't know if he thought I as being genuine, I did so because a recent hand was weighing on my mind. I had the nuts on the flop, guy hit the new nuts on the turn, a straight comprising two baby hole cards. He bet, I shoved and he didn't instacall. Wow, I'm glad he didn't catch that bullshit straight, I wrongly thought to myself. Now, I'm hoping for the call.

After a moment or two he called. The river was a Queen (which could have given him a set of queens) and though there was a part of me hoping for the board to pair--I still thought I was good. I turned over my second set. He looked at it, as though there was a hand that could beat him, again making me think I'd won, and then turned over the nuts, almost with a shrug like 'of course I got the straight.' I left the game, insult added to injury. Let's not forget some people would argue I played the flop poorly and I was certainly considering that on the way back to the car.

Now in his defense, I can kind of put myself in his shoes. Perhaps, he was also taken aback by somebody shoving into his best possible hand, and questioning if maybe he had missed something. So now, I'll give a little wider latitude to slow rollers.



Anonymous said…
thats my boy you talking about. i have learned alot myself from runnin with p beast or p donk as i like to call him. he'll get in deep, but always finds a way to get it back. its been about three years that we have been runnin, he had a baby and i too just recently had a lil boy. its slowed us down..him more than me but what you wrote about reminded me of our weekly runs to biloxi. he got way sicker with it back then pushin
3 -4 hundos with air, and when he finally got called hed have it everytime. you couldnt have explained the cat any better..

pedal to the metal.

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