Rough Week

So at the beach with the in-laws, things are going swell. It's a little too hot but bearable, a nice breeze over the gulf, soft white-white sands, tropical blue oceans and everybody in great spirits.

Then my Mother-in-law has a heart attack. Things are suddenly not so good. She gets airlifted to Pensacola and luckily the cardio surgeon there had a procedure scheduled and they are already ready to go. They bump that lady out and quickly get to work. Two blockages, one 100% the other 70%.

A stint is inserted effectively for the 100% blockage (the 70% one will have to wait until things heal up), and she is in the Pcola hospital until today. Spent the last three days driving my wife back and forth to visit.

Two hours each way every day, and an expectant mother anxious about her mother, makes for a rough week. Even tougher is the sudden surprise of it all. Lady works out with a personal trainer, eats well, and just got great numbers on her cholestral. She's in great shape and it blindsided everybody.

Fortunately, there was a lady on the beach with a jeep who took my mother-in-law back to the house within minutes of the chest pain. We had some baby aspirin and regular aspirin on hand and that mitigated the attack quickly. 911 was called and the ambulance was there within minutes and she was fast tracked into the local E.R. They quickly realized she needed to be helicopter-ed to Pcola and she was.

By the time we got there, driving fairly frantically through the panhandle, she was in recovery.

Anyway, they let her out a day early (today) and she is back at the beach house. She'll be trying to pack in some fun into what's left of her vacation.


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