Online Play, Deep-itis for GCPers, Misclicks and Backne

First off thanks to monkey for the kudos in his blog and in my comments about my writing a few posts ago. That post was a long one, and I'm glad he stuck around for the payoff.

I know he's being dealing with that painful Deep-itis. It's going deep in every tournament and running into K10 at every corner, or losing a race or getting card dead at the worst time. Seems like a lot of us have that. SPR at the circuit event,... Gene D... Reid... GCPers getting deep and not getting the breaks. You want to find a donkey, just wait til a critical time, and he'll reveal himself by making a bonehead play and then get lucky against one of us.

I went on a streak once where I'd get my money in every time with an overpair and they'd always hit a set. Every freakin' time. Always on the bubble or in mincash territory. So frustrating, I know Monkey's pain. I'm still gunshy when I'm 4 to 1 because of that terrible summer. I still think longrun I'm owed some of my hands holding. I'm about 50/50 it feels like. Not as bad as Monkey's streak vs. K10 that's just sicko.

Speaking of donkey kicks to the gnads. Watched Gene in a PStars tournament this weekend and I felt like I did when I broke my ribs playing club soccer on my older brother's team against kids that were 5 years older than me when I as a kid. Me barely on the cusp of sprouting armpit hair (aka helpless lady tied to railroad tracks) the titan (aka freight train) barreling down and over me like I was the paper high-school football players run through at Homecoming. I'll never forget the sight, as I fell flattened, and dazed, listening to my brittle bones snap, punching into my lungs, I see dude running away, and notice in that moment of pain the dude's 'roid backne looking like braille graffiti popping out from the nape of his neck. Who knew the Ultimate Warrior played club soccer?

So, yeah, that was a painful and that's kind of what I felt like when I saw the hand take place. I'm sure Gene will blog about his hand as he was cruising ang looking at a decent payday, then he misclicked called, an idiot's all in shove preflop with both of them top 10 stacks (already in the money). Idiot held aces. Nice to double up with them because of a misclick. Maybe I'll start shoving with them sitting well over a 100 bbs and hope for a misclick. Read Negreanu misclicked in an FTOPs or WCOOP too, so Gene hold your head up--even the best misclick. Laptops are terrible for that. I wonder if the sites have given any thought to failsafes for misclicks, I'd be fine with having to double click any all-in call if that's an option.

Watching Gene, and trying to get the backne image out of my head (sorry for putting it yours, but some things just stay with you until you get them out) I decided to play Stars' shootout freeroll for a main event seat as I did other things, I won the first two tables and then lost three or four handed to come up just short of being in the battle for a Main Event package. Man are there some terrible players in those freerolls. I'm thinking about playing a lot more on Stars if that's the state of the site.

Our friend Mitch has set up a weekly tournament on Tilt that I took down on Friday night (tiny field for the first one). We were both hoping Alex T would play. Mitch, because Alex knocked him out of the Donkley, and me because of the chop decision :) . Gene D also got sent to the rails by Alex in the Donkley and was looking for Alex to play. Hopefully, we'll have more faces this week. Email me if you want in. I think it's a $22 buy-in.

We might start doing a weekly GCP.Net internet poker tournament at the suggestion of one of our readers. Let me know if there is interest in that too.


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