Just some quick notes

I want to echo Jason Lipscomb's thoughts and let Monkey know we are thinking about him and Squirrel right now. We know they'll make it through this dark time. Also, a shout out to the Tiltin' Texan in Houston for the next few weeks. Said he'll be battling online and our thoughts are with him too.

I know Gene D will keep his head up after bubbling his final tournament in Vegas. Guy went deep everyday and is knocking on the door. Thought he did a great job on the radio segment we did as well.

Speaking of the show, very happy with how it went. The show is broadcast in Bay St. Louis and Baton Rouge. You can stream the KKAY feed from the Baton Rouge station off the internet. Might turn into a weekly segment or something like that. The first go round was mostly an introduction. We hope to get our bloggers on there too, as guests, if they are interested.

Upset I missed the 20k guarantee at the Beau on Saturday. Was looking to play but my wife didn't feel good, so I stayed home with her. Her family has been sick all week so I hoped she wouldn't catch it.

Tonight, I enjoyed the Grammys. Maybe the first awards show I've watch in years. Maybe I saw the Academy Awards with my mom when I was real little. Only reason I watched is in the lead in I heard Chris Brown had gotten arrested for assaulting a girl. And, he and his girlfriend wouldn't be appearing on the show--where they were both scheduled to perform. I likes a trainwreck...

BUT, Al Green filled in for Chris Brown for a duet with Justin Timberlake and they killed it. Al Green has some lungs. I'm not sure who filled in for Rihanna maybe the Welsh girl, but the show was seamless. You'd never know it much of it was revamped. Plus, the acts really put on shows. L'il Wayne brought it and represented the Gulf Coast well.



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