Great Day Yesterday Part II

It actually makes it two days ago.

The morning before the positive outcomes in the two rivalry games, I played in the Harrahs tournament. I endured a crazy morning of swings and finally became "THAT" guy, I'm always so jealous of. Though in retrospect it comes with a bit of a cavaet. Usually, when the money got in I'd get outflopped and then I'd catch up. So, even though I'd win the hand after a wild set of cards I wasn't just throwing money in bad and being a card rack.

So, I start out early being patient through the first couple of levels. I'd get in cheap and I was making hands. I hand 910 suited in late position. Flopped a boat. Somehow a guy with K9 (board 9910), didn't get felted to me. Well played by him. Poorly played by me.

The one overpair I got all day was Kings. We had a couple of short stacks and I saw one like his cards and look at his chips. I limped, got another limper and that guy shoved. Around to me I called, middle limper folded. Short stack had queens. Kings held.

Later I rivered a boat after flopping a set. Guy turned a straight. I felted him but he had nothing in chips. I laughed to myself. I had more than doubled up early and I was pissed for not having more chips.

I got to bully a little bit and rake some pots. Then they broke my table.

On the new one a guy from out of town who's a pit gambler who loves roulette. He was on holiday taking advantage of the comp he got in the mail and was to my right with a heap of chips. Everybody at the new table had chips. They had knocked out most of the people that were eliminated. I quickly fired on my first hand, as I love to do when switching tables. Another pot for me. We started comparing poker to roulette and he said the tournament was fun because you got more value of time for your money.

I asked him if he would ever play online roulette. Of course, he laughed. "Now, is one of the only times I'm not playing roulette. I play roulette online all the time." Deep pockets I surmised.

Course, I'm at a poker table, so you always take things with a grain of salt. That didn't stop me from taking a mental picture of my new buddy in case I ever saw him at a cash table. I also was going to watch where he went if he busted.

I keep picking my spots and building my stack. Not so bad. Roulette player on my right has revealed his inexperience so I'm not afraid of him. In fact, I'm busy trying to sell him on playing 1-2 or 2-5. He asked if they had higher games? I said yes, but there are some good 1-2 and 2-5 games. He seemed interested though he repeated he preferred roulette to anything.

As I watch him play, he played like an inexperienced numbers guy. He was going to play good cards and good cards only. I figure if we get in a hand to take him seriously as he's probably just an ABCer.

Some time passes and I've amassed some more chips. A guy I've frequently played with opened from UTG. I respect him as a player but I think if he bets a certain amount it's kind of a steal. He did that. Mr. "I Play Online Roulette" to my right called. I think it was a 2000 bet, blinds 200-400 antes 50. On the button I look down at AcKc. By the way, I had got the table to accept slightly more than 2x as the standard opening bet so 5x was a big raise.

I made a mistake but I'll explain my incorrect thinking. I didn't give the opener credit for a hand despite his early position. I also thought even if he did have something like 10s or so if I came over the top I could squeeze him especially with the tightness of the player to my right who showed an interest in the hand. Then I looked at the guy's stack and I now had him covered and we were two of the bigger stacks in the dance. F it, I'm taking that 5100 with a shove of almost 20k.

First guy, who I got covered folded, though he sniffed something was up. He may very well have put me on AKsuited. Then Mr. "I Play Roulette Online" stewed. He played with his ear-ring and said "I don't think I can lay this down."

I perked up a bit, AQ, AQ, I think to myself. Don't be something like 8s. He stews some more and then calls. He's got Queens.

What's my mistake? ABC. Mr. Online Roulette called a big raise. Not smart enough to isolate with his Queens but I should know that would be a very likely holding for a guy like him.

Oh well, part of the action was I still had a chance to win a coinflip if a pair called. I didn't. I got less than 2k left when all is said and done. Awesome.

I get that warm feeling of tilt sweep over my body. I sit there fuming.

I don't dislike the play, and I had a ton of ways to win it, but at the same time, I'm an advocate in those tournaments of picking the right spots. I didn't have to stick all my chips in there with AK. I could have flatted and left when the flop came out empty and the Queens bet it.

Even better the EP guy would have c-bet, Online Roulette might have raised then or just called but I'd have more reason to just leave the hand. I could have folded preflop. Wouldn't have, but could have.

As I sit there with half the field gone out 120, I'm so mad at myself for deserting my small ball strategy I could have just waited to exploit the weak spots. I give up a lot of value in this things in particular hands but I think long-run the field is so loaded with inept players that I make it up.

We cycle through and I'm about to get blinded out. Even worse I'm getting more and more on tilt, as I get beat to the pot by open raises with hands I wanted to shove with. Once I have A6, guy UTG raises, and he hasn't played a hand in 20 minutes. Ace big. I know it. I fold Late position shoves, and UTG calls. AK vs. AJ. Flop is Axx. Turn is x. River is 6 and I would have tripled up.

Rachet up tilt factor.

I have like k2 again I'm beat to the pot. I see some other guys ready to play behind me. I fold. Guy calls. Another guy shoves. First guy folds. Caller calls. Yeah, that would have been a quadruple up plus. The hands are AQ and K10 (see I told you... bad players). Kxx flop. 2 on the turn. ARGH! UBER TILT.

I hit the big blind and I can't even complete a real raise. Guy leads out on me. Another guy calls. I throw the rest of my chips on top of my blind... blind. Score. I don't even remember the hand. I think I hit a gut-shot straight and my hot run commenced....

I'll get to some of the crazy hands that followed in the next installment.

By the way, in honor of Mr. I Play Online Roulette and my running like an onfire craps player, I should mention the roulette they got on Spin the wheel, instead of hitting gutterballs get paid for hitting your square. Don't quadruple up, get 30 to 1 on your money. The roulette section is here.


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