Coushatta runs a pretty sweet mega satellite. You win and you win a seat into every one of the their tournaments. The 7 Clans tournament.

Played today. Didn't really get any hands. Won a coin flip early when I got a little out of control with a10 v. 88 had to call his shove when I tried to take down the lippers from the small blind and he woke up with a hand in the big blind. I also caught AA (only pair over sixes today) and tripled up after I bluffed off most of my chips early. Then I just steadily chipped up and kept getting involved in bad timing.

Made a huge laydown when I checked in the dark and flopped top two 87. Unfortunately, the other four players also checked. The turn is a 10. I fire out a big bet. Guy calls for almost his whole stack (yeah... why not shove... I don't know but his story gets worse). Then the button shoves all in.

Errrr. I stew. He's barely got me covered and I would still have plenty of chips left if I fold. I kept going over hands that this guy might have. J9 seemed the right one especially as it was limped to him on the button. He didn't look like he was making a move and it didn't make sense not to. I finally fold and know at least the other guy had to call. He didn't.

Guy flashes me the straight after weirdly stalling on his winning pot muck. He was an awnry fella but we had been getting along. He was stewing that I didn't call when I told him I had top two. Stewing.

So anyway, I picked my spots and just moved up. It's an odd tournament as they are no antes. So stealing is done a little bit differently. Good thing is there were a lot of old tight players and I watch them make silly nit fold after silly nit fold. The table was so tight I was the loosest player there. Yeah, that tight.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow's event starts at 10am. Huh?



loosest player there?...i know u said u were playing against a bunch of old guy, but were they dead?...haha, good luck
Anonymous said…
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