Shout outs to a lot of people, probably you, and a little bit of poker

Spoke with Gene yesterday who is up in Shreveport and found out he had a pretty profitable session. Saw some faces he doesn't see too much except out there. Glad to hear he's running well. I know how hard he's been working on his new job and it's good to see poker has been a fun respite for him. He's really tackled the new year with some thunder, so keep it up man. Got to say, I'm proud of his dedication and his new approach to the game and life.

Let's see I played the Wicked Chops freeroll for the Borgata Main Event earlier in the week. Over 1500 in it. I got down to almost 100 left. What hand knocked me out? AQ vs. A8 or something (preflop). Guy said I just outplayed him. That was until his kicker hit on the turn or so. Argh!

The top three got prizes and all of them were at my table when I got booted. Including the guy who barely had me outchipped. Double Argh! For all three to go so deep I was probably right where I wanted to be as far as table assignments. Who knows with the butterfly effect but...

Also, got pretty deep at the Acadian Poker Series to benefit the United Way in Lafayette. What a great event for charity. Sure because of their six hour window, it turned into shovefest with blinds knocking out players almost every hand at one point but still a fun time.

Next time I might temper my rebuys a little more, but since it was going to charity it was easy to dig into the pocket. There were almost 500 players and they had to crown a winner by midnight. We were down to maybe 8 to 10 tables, maybe more, it was hard to keep up, when I got knocked out.

Anyway, I got it in preflop with AK vs. A9 v. 910. 9 hit flop and I hit the rail. I had 910 covered but A9 had me covered. Don't think I'd be calling two all-ins with A9 but with the pace of that event maybe it looked like the nuts to him.

Saw David Spicer again who always runs well when GCP is in the house. I really like David, he's a fun loving sort with a big heart. He came in third I think, and took down a couple of K.

Mabye we'll see him in Coushatta again. He says his addiction to duck hunting has kept him out of the blogging game but his results in tournament poker are probably too good to ignore as much as he does.

Alright on to some bragging. In a way I got my good fortune back in the Harrahs wednesday event, yesterday as I scooped second place. You know what... This is turning into a LONG post so I'll get to that action tomorrow or so. I'll throw in some hand analysis, let's just stick with a round up on things...

Okay, a long overdue thank you to the Southpaw Rounder for hosting one of our satelllites at his house. It was a fun afternoon and Davey went all out with food, drinks and other stuff. I think we decided the winner would ship him cash for the expenses but I have a feeling that was probably forgotten in the excitement.

In my mind, I thought in this order Davey, Ray and Gene (for his resilsence) played the best that day. Joe Beusche and Derek played great too, but I think they were getting better hands than the other three. It's always tough to evaluate how well someone is playing when they are running good. I know Derek played great at the Final table and Joe B.'s success speaks for itself. Thought Parfait, Pobody's Nerfect, and Tex got a little bit of the cold-deck. And for a similar reason it was hard to evaluate how good they were playing.

If you were there and didn't hook Davey up with a spot of cash, drop the guy a fiver or something, he won't want to take it but drop it in his stack next time you see him at a table. He was very generous with his hospitality and it was much appreciated. Big Smoove and I have since discussed how much we really enjoyed it. We came to appreciate other aspects of others games. Even when I was outplayed I got a lot out of the experience. Maybe after the gras, I can host a similar event (with a smaller buy-in) for bragging rights and for practice.

Nice to meet the little Rounder too, quite the charmer and adorable. You can tell she brings a lot joy to her parents. Also, Mrs. Rounder was a gracious hostess. She was afraid of what a "Wild Bill" is but she got to meet Mild Bill. Speaking of families got to meet one of the tiny tiltin texans which was cool, too. And also spotted Mrs. Texan, good to see her again, didn't really get the chance to chat with the poker going on but next time. Both Rounder and Tex are very fortunate to have such strong families around them.

I know Tex is facing a challenge right now but we all think he's going to rise up to the conquer it. He's a strong guy, with a great spirit, who has been able to withstand some ups and downs, and those qualities will serve him well in the coming months. I've always been in his corner and have a lot of faith in him in poker and in life.

Sorry to see Jason Lipscomb is stepping away from his post as tournament director. Guy is first class. Very player friendly in his approach to everything. Two quick stories. I overheard him tell one, yesterday, that I've heard in the past but forgotten. As a TD he was down to 11 in one event, and he noticed one table was trying to fold (collude) their way to the money... what happened to me at one of the Coushatta events a couple of years ago. He immediately put them all at one table to play 11 handed.

Another, great, player friendly call, was yesterday when we were playing hand for hand at the weekly. Instead of shipping us to the break, he kept us playing at the same blind level until someone was eliminated. It only took 5 or so minutes, but recognizing hand for hand and waiting for each table to complete a hand can chew up stacks and schew advantages a player might have is a first class move. Especially with 20 minute levels, playing in limbo at the fixed blind rate is the right move to make.

He'll be missed as a TD, and I hope his replacement is as player friendly. Jason says his structures have been passed up the chain of command so my fingers are crossed Harrahs wants to make it a great event in the spring.

Trying to get my schedule planned for the next few weeks. I owe my backer one more $300+ tournament and might do one of the weeklys at the Beau. Maybe I'll take it to Coushatta. Any suggestions?


Southpawrounder said…
Great post Mild Bill. Little Rounder says thanks for the shout out. I would love to do that again as Ray said just as a normal tourney every few months or so. I typed out a post and it didn't save. I'll put a little more brief one up in the next day.

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