Pro Wrestlers of the 80s/90s and the current Poker Counterparts

Mark Seif - Irwin R. Schyster

Seif is a lawyer. He's also been the face of Absolute Poker. Need I say more.

Doyle Brunson - Rick Flair

It's tough to figure out when their prime was, and by when we mean which decade. The 70s, the 80s, the 90s? When it appears they are most ready to be put out to pasture, they simply win. Sure the Nature Boy's chest started to sag like bulldog's face and Doyle's riding a hoveround type scooter, but these guys drank from some fountain of eternal youth.

Phil Hellmuth - Hulk Hogan

Was there any doubt. Both figures put self before profession and have reaped the rewards for being egocentric tall guys. Hellmuth showed up to the World Series dressed like Patton, Hogan used to enter the ring to the pseudo-patriotic song "I am a Real American" and neither would pass up an opportunity at self-serving press. Both are currently embroiled in scandals, Phil's professional with his association with Ultimate Bet and being rewarded pots he didn't win, and Hogan going through a nasty divorce, and saying disrespectful things to his jailed son about his friend now in coma after a high speed car crash. High speed car crash? Phil has had one of those

The Hulkster and the Poker Brat are the biggest brands in either sport. Both have transcended their peers to the point they get a different set of rules. Hellmuth has had the WSOP rescind a penalty, Vince McMahon has coddled the big boy and always met his meal ticket's salary demands.

The Iron Sheik - Shahram Sean Sheikan.

Forget for a moment they are both called Sheik. I'm not taking the easy way out, these two share a lot in common. Shawn became famous for an expletive filled outburst against Mike Matusow in the WSOP Main Event. The Sheik is holding onto fame by expletive filled outbursts on you tube. They've both had run-ins with the law. Shawn had an underage dalliance that almost got him deported (and almost ruined his career) and the Iron Sheik almost ruined his career by being arrested for doing coke with his supposed enemy Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

-more to come


Tiltin Texan said…
no, Antonio Esfandari is the Iron Shiek, they are both Iranian terrorists.
C.S. said…
Where's Sgt. Slaughter when you need him?

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