Online and Real World

Got back on to Full Tilt after a long sabbatical.

So odd. Every time I take a long time off and play... I run like Usain Bolt. This time was no different.

I'm really trying to decide if maybe I'm just more patient after a layoff. Indeed there were a lot of hands I thought about playing that I mucked that I would have gone broke on. Played a ton of sit n' gos and tripled my balance in about two days. Kept getting deep and cashing but only had one win, a turbo I signed up by accident (don't like turbos), and in most of the others really was a spot or two away from the real money.

Still, it was nice for hands to hold and to have some online success again.

Shot over to the Beau today with the intention of playing some cash and then maybe the second chance tourney. Played about 4 hours in one seat and dragged two maybe three pots. One was when I had aces and the normal table limp fest went dry to me on the button. Suhweet. I bet.

BB called but thought about raising. Flop brought a king and a queen. I check. He checks behind. Turn is another Ace. I fire out a tiny bet and he says, "I can't beat you."

So that was my day in a nut shell. Then after cultivating a table image of being squeaky tight I get called down with second pair. He called the river sure he was beat--why'd you call I asked. Maybe because in one of the other hands I won dude flops straight and he calls my river re-raise all in after I turned the flush.

I certainly prefered to run like I did on the internet. It's nice to get a piece of every flop, instead of missing every flop you play and those you don't play too.

Anyway, decided after that ill-advised bluff (guy was a bit of a call station in retrospect and he chips to spare) that I should pick up. Talk to Joe Beusche and Matt Bryant about them both going deep in Beau events. Joe in a $500 and Matt in last night's second chance.

They also told me they'd go LATE. I was really tired. So I decide to head over to the IP's 6:00 tournament. Yet they weren't holding one because all the money in town was at the Beau. Oh. Head home. I'll get 'em next time.


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