Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ed takes 4th

There are no 6 pm tournaments in Biloxi. Stayed local for a bar tournament. Ed eked out a 4th place finish playing solid, solid poker. Typical bar tournament with more knuckleheads than players. I listened to a guy whine about people making bad calls after he called me with second pair and no kicker. Yes, he hit his crappy kicker on the river to beat my top pair. He astutely thought I had AK and was "bluffin'" him. We were the two chip leaders at the table and I had a little to survive.

Later in a multi-way pot, I moved all in, he folded this time and this genuis knew I had at least top pair. I wonder what tipped him off? Putting all my chips at risk in a five way pot? The same guy sucked out on a stable player that had a lot of chips to my right to take a commanding chip lead. I think he was gone about 10 hands later. I got to about 13th until I ran into K8 o/s.

Ed played the final table great. There were probably two good players besides him and they all made the final four. The rest were, as Gene would say, bananas. Five handed, two of them, the two mamonth chips stacks went at it. And when I say mamonth between the two of them they probably had 80% of the chips, one guy called off all his chips with AK vs. KK. I don't mind playing for the win, but gotta think he'd been better served with the payout structure knocking out the three short stacks and guaranteeing himself at least a grand. It was so top heavy for 1-2 that Ak can be laid down.

Ed got knocked out when he shoved with AQ and somebody woke up with 8s.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The week ahead...

1. Pick up Ed on Tuesday at the airport (he comes in every year for jazzfest and will be going to all four days).
2. Drive to biloxi for a 6 pm tourney. Haven't decided between Beau and IP.
3. Drive home.
4. Wednesday am, Harrahs 11 am. Chop for a grand.
5. Boomtown 7 pm, piss away money in the 3-6 limit game before hand to brutal beats.
6. Thursday maybe take in a day of Jazzfest at reduced price.
7. Harrahs Thursday night. Welcome to the city guys. Glad you got some poker in before the fest tomorrow.
8. Friday am, do wedding crap. Harrahs Friday night. Oh, you are drunk and fresh from the fest, please have a seat.
9. Saturday am, I do my second day at the fest.
10. Depending on Eddie's frame of mind, I probably foolish return to Harrahs only to have others prey on my state of mind.
11. Sunday recover and play some online.

Updates to follow.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

MJ in Europe...

Thanks to for this one. Here he's doing something I didn't know he did. He's also about 6 feet off the ground. Vince Carteresque if his defender were to stand under him.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I watched the Hornets crush the Mavs much to Tex's dismay. Of course I weathered bad beat after bad beat before the poker even started.

1. Took me 30 minutes to get to I-10 from my house. On a normal day that's a 5 to 10 minute trip.

2. Took a cab from harrahs to the arena. The fare is $7.00 for an arena event or the fare on the meter whichever is less. Oddly, when the meter reached 7 the cab driver told me it'd be another 10 minutes and I'd be better off walking. We were stopped at the back of a line at a light. I said fine and got out and hoofed the rest. I get to the light to turn the corner and the last couple of blocks were clear sailing. Well played sir.

2.5 As I'm late, see number 1, Tex hangs out at the smoking section and gives me his ticket and mine. Can't remember which one he scanned. When I get to the lady of course I lose the coinflip and chose wrong. When I offer the other ticket you'd have thought I tried to board an airplane with a bazooka. Finally security lets me pass after the other ticket works. I still get the supicious eye from everybody there and had to explain myself to a team of security "experts." Well played security.

3. At halftime we walked almost completely around the stadium looking for the Copelands club lounge to get half-time refreshment. Only to discover we overwalked it. When we found it we waited in line for the remainder of halftime and into the third quarter. Then when we reached the front of the line, we watched some late comers amble up in between the two lines. The lady who had just finished helping the people in front of us, ducked down to restock something and suddenly loses her barings. She, to put it kindly, would have had trouble not being held back at a special school. She started serving the new group of people even though she had to move three steps to her left to do so.

Of course the big tap she had been leaning on taking everybody else's orders is now in front of us and not them. To not insult her we asked who our server was. She replied we needed to get in a line. We inform her we'd been in line, in plain sight for 20 minutes, and the people she was serving just walked up. They made guilty faces, but being in business attire perhaps made them innocent. The server told us "Oh, hell no," because she'd been serving that line all night, pointing to the people fresh to the longue.

The people behind us in line, waiting just as long as we had, groused (my word of the day) and walked to the other side of the bar to immediately get served. We get ignored. We ask for a manager. By now the johnny-come-latelys have a line behind them. We explain we've been in line all night, but turn around and no-one is behind us--everybody had headed for calmer waters. We realized we had no credibilty. Tex offers a $20 tip to anybody that will serve us. Suddenly, their mood to us changed. When we get back to our seats we soon discover there is a comparable lounge just below us. Well played Arena.

4. Three yahoos from the nosebleeds are sitting in our seats. In fact, the lady that had been sitting to our left has nicely moved to an open seat by the aisle to accommodate them. To quote an Arena worker "Oh, hell no." They get up with no protest. No sure why they thought in a playoff game they'd find seats open at halfcourt 20 rows back at a sellout but they tried. Tex promptly spills a beer on the seats of the two in front of us when we stand after another one of CP3's 10 million assists. To be nice to the couple standing in front he offers to clean it up. He looks for the freebie the Hornets gave us, a towel with local lawyer Morris Bart's slogan, "It's just that easy," on it, only to realize the interlopers had taken it with them. So much for his son getting a souvenir. Well played Seat Thieves.

5. The game ends and we hit Harrahs. On one big early hand I get to the turn and I suss out my opponent is raising me light. I use a couple of my tell detectors and he fails them. He's uncomfortable talking and returns my real smile with a fake one. I make a huge call for about $400 with third pair (7s). He's got pocket 4s. Guy says he folded a 4. Awesome, that means I know when the last 4 hits it'll be a one outer. Hello 4. Goodbye $400. Well played uneasy bluffer.

6. I have a set. Guy hits his gutshot calling me down to the river. Well played mensa member.

7. Guy runs down my pocket aces despite my go away bets when his third pair is joined by his crummy kicker pairing up. That was of course the time as he said, "Dang, I thought you were bluffing." Well played donkfish.

8. Stay all night to win most of it back. Tex also endures a similar run swing and recovery. Cocktail waitresses and dealers are the only ones profiting. Well played service industry.

9. At the lone table at the crack of dawn, Stone Cold Steve Austin look-a-like and sound-a-like sits to my right. He says amusing thinks like "Suffering Succatash" and other cartoon references--coming from a man that imposing it's funny. Seems an agreeable sort. He takes off his shirt with a prominent swastika tatoo. Okay, not so agreeable. I proceed to bluff him out of two pots where he shows me big hands I wouldn't have folded. Of course on the third one we play I got Queens. He flops top pair (9) to go with his A kicker. I bet hard. He calls. This time I can't possibly have it he grouses. Don't you love it when the timing is in your favor. The turn is another brick. I bet large again, he stews and calls and grouses some more. The river is a blank also. He checks again. I look at this stack. My next bet would be for it all. I consider a minor value bet to let him off the hook. Then I see him turning a little shade of angry red. Not quite the guy I want to piss off... um check... time to go home if I'm not there to take my opponents money I shouldn't be there. Well played inner puss.

On the horizon, Jazzfest is this weekend. I imagine I'll be at Harrahs quite often over the next couple of days. Wonder if I'll outdo this night of celebrity and celebrity lookalikes sightings: Mitt Romney, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Krista Allen (at the game and really her), Corey Feldman, Eric Roberts.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wedding Nightmares...

Headed to Harrahs 2nite after the hornets game. Going with Tex, who surprisingly given his name, is rooting for the Texas team. I'm hoping Chris Paul has a repeat performance of game 1 and if the MVP votes haven't been cast yet steals some more from Kobe. The feeling I'm getting is the MVP is already Kobe's.

Not much poker to discuss. Almost hit Harrahs on sunday night with Big Smooth but we were worried the crowds were going to be too thin. I'm definitely being a little conservative and nursing my bankroll for the Circuit Event in May. Keep having life expenses show up and eat into it. I finally got grass, so I had to buy a lawnmower. Next thing I know, the lawnmower purchase turned into flowers, mulch, potting soil, hand tools, and two car trip to Lowes. I'm learning not to do any shopping with the fiance because I always come back with more than I intended.

This weekend I endure a hellish experience. I was one of 200 people at a wedding expo. Talk about a rip off. I had to pay for a ticket, unless I was wearing a Kentucky Derby style hat, which I obviously wasn't, nor was Jess or her sister, so that's three tickets... so I can get pandered to. It's at a plantation on the North Shore. Everybody is basically in their sunday best, and I was one of probably three straight guys there, out of the five grooms that were roped into coming--you do the math. Also, I was in what could be called my just got out of bed best.

I hurried to the bar, to numb the multiple withering assaults I was getting from glares at my flip-flops, shorts and IP poker room hat, and from sales pitches done in shrill voices. You ever scan through the channels on TV and a hot model catches your attention for a second on one of those Home Shopping Networks or something, but as soon as the audio kicks in you have to turn it, well there was nowhere to hide on sunday, it was nonstop obnoxious women touting their spas, vacations, horse-drawn carriages, dresses, and womenly wares. I can now legitimately sympathize with migraine sufferers. Intense acute pain, dizziness, and a desire just to lie down and turn the volume of the world off.

I expected a free drink as I was basically paying to listen to people hock their wares, but no, try $6.00 a bloody mary. $18 later I catch up to Jess for the 20th time being told "Your wedding's when? You don't have this yet? Are you kidding? You better book it right now," and her dutifully taking the brochure. At one point, I was entertained by having a girl hit on me and trying to imagine what she could possible be thinking. She was working for one of the vendors and perhaps saw in my please-kill-me-demeanor a kindred spirit, she was also throwing vodka back while on duty and maybe saw my Bloody Mary glass as a jumping off point and foundation for another failed relationship. She quickly instigated repeated physical contact, asked me how much this sucked and did nothing to pitch her product. I felt like I was at Hooters and not obligated to tip for the teasing. She giggled and played with her hair and made funny looks with her eyes.

I think my entire interaction consisted of me tilting my head sideways like a confused dog, looking over at Jess and her sister like are you kidding me and back to this girls hopeless attempt to woo me. I felt like I was on a hidden camera TV show. Of course because I enjoy incredibly awkward situations I politely talked with girl trying to suss her out. I never figured out quite what she thought was going to transpire. 1. I'm there with my fiance. 2. I'm there with my fiance 3. I'm there with my fiance. Did I mention she was my fiance. Oh, and we were there planning our wedding which would appear to definitely be happening. How much more unavailable can you be?

Now factor in, the only guys who were there were those unfortunate enough to be roped in for moral support for their wives, or were closeted homosexuals who enjoyed that type of thing more than their wives to be, or were dumb like me and stumbled and dropped the ball when faced with the question what did I have to do on Sunday. Which of those guys did she had a shot with? Okay, maybe the stupid one but I'm not that dumb.

Now, this girl, aware of all this and not quite drunk from her Vodka drinking, pretty clearly was flirting if not outright making a play at me. She also pretty clearly saw my future wife three steps away. Not quite sure of her gambit. What exactly was she after by asking me where I like to go out. Huh? After humoring her for a little bit, and though still lacking the answers to several questions about her judgment I walked away. I mean I didn't want to give her the wrong idea.

This plantation was a grown man's haunted house. You had to avoid zombies--or dead women waling, carrying Champagne flutes wearing wedding gowns. Over the top hats and affected accents barraged me with every step. How many times can you take a feather to the eye, or a female fedora to the throat. At any and every moment, a fierce photographer would jump out of an alcove holding a picture book and a Hershey Kiss flower and talk about lighting.

Ah, but there was food. Unfortunately, the one thing we've booked is a venue and a caterer, so any time I stole a meatpie or sampled a piece of wedding cake on my empty stomach I had to listen to the vitures of their catering house. It was worse than the temptations for the kids at the Chocolate Factory walking around with Charlie. You want a meatpie, prepare to listen to an insipid lecture on presentation. How about you present it, and I eat it. I don't care how you prepare the salmon, just give me some of it and some of the dill sauce. Oops, just took a bingo wing to the chopper as I went in for a cookie near an a slowly exploding future mother in law from hell.

After, an apology from said mother in law, I get the spanish inquisition. No, not getting married on the north shore (immediate glare from caterer listening in). I'm getting married in New Orleans. Why am I here on the North Shore? Why am I at your booth? I'm here because I answered a trick question by dumbly saying, "I got nothing going on Sunday" and I'm at your booth because I'm f'ing hungry. Now give me some of those crab panees.

Meanwhile the fellow cattle that was being herded through this house of horrors attacked the appetizers like feral dogs, and I got nothing. Anytime a guy in a white jacket would walk out he'd be surrounded by the coven of future brides and all that would be left of him would be the empty serving tray clanking to the floor. The visuals were making my eyes bleed. I saw brides wearing necklaces saying future brides, I saw mothers of brides wearing mother of the bride shashes, and saw prices that were dubbed reasonable like 4k for a videographer. I could rent a televison crew for that much. Hell, I could buy time on a local channel like an infomercial at 3am for less than that. Oh, but look at your pretty fades on your iMac monitor. Wow, that's so 1989. Any other special effects, oh, it zeros in on the brides head like a star. There's the groom getting the same treatment, except for him it looks like a rifle scope. I prayed I'd find the free champagne.

Everything came with a pitch. In a former life, I worked a tradeshow booth or two so I sympathized, and tried to feign interest no matter how banal the item or the forced conversation, but invariably I'd be corraled by the most intractable of smoozers. I simply started to make up things, "Well, it's our third wedding... to each other, so we feel this time we should be over the top. I'm thinking a skydiving priest and we'd like to release flamingos--they don't fly? Well, we'll just let them run, I'm sure the noise of the interstate will force them toward the mall parking lot. They should be okay." Then deadpan when they'd laugh thinking I was joking. "What's so funny?"

Then I'd say, "You know what it'd be one thing if I loved her, but I can't see myself shelling out this kind of money for an arranged marriage--lost a bet with a nigerian prince I met on the internet." The next unlucky vendor would get, "Don't tell anybody this but I have no plans on actually being there, so I'm looking for her to spend as much money as possible and then on the wedding day having a plane flyover dragging a sky message saying she slept with my sister." And I think the best story that will be retold at a the next wedding planners networking convention,"It's the story as old as time itself, boy meets stripper, boy pays for abortion, boy marries strippers mother, you know how that goes."

To end the day, I had a photographer try and take a picture of me in a carriage with my fiance. Why in the world would I want to buy a picture of me at a wedding show on a carriage? That's like taking a snapshot by the Mazda being sold in the mall.

Oh well, enough whining. Go hornets. More poker to come.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bad Plays


I folded a set. Post flop. Yes, I folded a set. Three twos. I told the people next to me I had never done it before, and a guy quiped "Well, now you are a member of that club." Yeah, it's a school of donkfishes.

Truth be told I can rationalize the play with pretty good reasons, but ultimately as Dan Harrington said in his book... Only an idiot folds a set, it doesn't matter the rationale. If you lose set over set, you go home and don't think twice about it.

Here's the rationale, again... realize I already know I am an idiot. I doubled up on the first hand. I had chips to spare, but if I lost the pot I would be back to even with everybody. I wasn't looking to give up my chip lead. If I fold, I'm still big stack. With 2s and ample chips I limped. Multi-way pot. Bingo there is my third two. EP bets it, one caller, I come over HARD, take this pot right now. EP insta-shoves. MP sits for a while and mucks. EP is on the edge of his seat begging for a call.

I deliberate. He's sitting on the nuts. I stew. F'n three ducks. I get an overwhelming read of strength. Finally, I fold face up. Guy's eyes almost pop out his head and he said he just had top two pair. Discussed this with Big Smooth, what do you do when you get the right read on your opponent but he doesn't understand the value of his hand. He thinks two pair are the nuts?

I ended up taking 5th in that tournament so that hand didn't really hurt me and I got away from it. However, I found it interesting the guy never showed his hand but was happy to talk about it. Plenty of times this past week, I should have gone broke and I didn't, but that may be one where I was too cautious. Probably next time, I'll go back to being faithful to Harrington and take my lumps if it's set over set and just call--ESPECIALLY WITH CHIPS TO SPARE.

The other terrible play I made was in Friday's tournament. I hate it when people overvalue middle pairs and low pairs and always think to myself they got what they deserved when they go busto with it. Course, sometimes a pair of 8s look like Ks to you when you've been card-dead for so long. In EP I 3x it with 8s. Big Stack calls, and then the Big Blind shoves. BB's stack is almost as big as mine. I call hoping for him to have two overs, preferably the same two as the big stack.

What's my mistake? One calling might have been a bad idea, though I was short enough stacked that blinds, antes and a three way pot might justify playing, but 8s are a bad hand in a possible three way pot. Two I should have thrown my extra $300 with it. I didn't because I knew big stack would be obligated to call. If the board came out faces I could get away from it. Yeah, dumb I know. This is titled bad plays for a reason.

Flop brings an ace. I check, he checks. Another ace comes on the river and the big stack kept checking behind me. Meanwhile BB has gotten up. KJ, KJ maybe? I turn over my 8s. Big stack mucks and BB shows pocket queens (well, he did have two overs).

So, why not have a sidepot with one player. I'm of course going to have to call so might as well get it in. If he gets any part he's going to put me in. If he misses then I'm just saving him the lagniappe. Yeah, I R STUPID.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Porn as a Performance Enhancer

Sure... it's been shown that porn can be a performance enhancer, but a life enhancer? A poker enhancer? BTW, if the title doesn't tip you off this might be a little NSFW...

I had a friend in college who insisted that he watch a dirty movie before going up to the fraternity row to meet ladies over beers. He swore his success rate was far higher after doing so. Anectdotal evidence... yawn. Still, if he is to be believed perhaps the natural aggresion from being horny, as a tool to overcoming natural shyness inhibitors could also be a useful tool on the felt as an instigator to agressiveness.

In Barry Greenstein's book, Ace on the river, he suggests a poker player be sexually satisfied. If you are going to be on the road for long periods of time he suggests a substitute for a wife be found in a traveling mate. His children by many last names suggests he had no difficulty in finding said substitutes. From a moral and ethical perspective I disagree with Greenstein, though I do find his theory interesting.

Barry's success suggests that being horny and being a good poker player are mutually exclusive and actually being satisfied was to key to cashes. In fact, he stressed he thought it was paramount for a player to be relaxed to properly be focused for long tounament play. I'd have to side with Greenstein on this one... until I read this article.;_ylt=At5KTJTYyEASr12as0TkBc5xieAA

To summarize, a study of traders on wall street have determined that traders with a lot of testosterone in the morning, were more likely to have large short term gains. In men the same triggers induced by eroticism go hand in hand with money. Perhaps, because a lot of money leads to a lot of opportunity for sex. They showed men erotic images and they were more willing to take risks then men being shown neutral images. They also had better success rates over a short run.

So my college friend was right, and Greenstein was wrong! Umm... not exactly. Turns out they both may be right. Because those same successful traders over a short run, turned into slightly irrational and overly aggressive if their hormone levels stayed high over the next couple of days and they ended up making big losses. Why? They made bad decisions and gambled too much. It seems you need a little agressiveness but not so much that it overwhelms rationalism. Unchecked testosterone will do just that.

A popular wall street description of a bad ass trader, a big swinging dick, confirms subconsciously a connection between success as a trader and sexuality. Let's apply that to the numerous ultra-aggressive players who amass huge stacks early in a tournament but then struggle to hang on to them until they get to the money. Perhaps, Demtri Nobles just needed to get laid. So, perhaps this is where a player like Greenstein can wait around for these uber-aggressive sorts to make more mistakes (especially if they aren't equipped with their own sexual surrogates). Maybe a sexual release for the latter stages of the tournament can reign in a player from losing his rationalism when being agressive.

What's the proper balance between aggressive and controlled? The article states traders high in cortisol, a hormone produced most commonly by stress, induces them to be too afraid to make mistakes and too tentative to take risks and then being money losers for the day.

Hmmm. Some things to think about for you next tournament stretch.

Things to think about.

So much poker... Let's lead off with a day of aces...

So many thoughts from last week, lessons learned, plays misplayed, and crazy situations...

I first want to give props to DaRock the ace of the IP. He followed up a second place finish in Friday's tournament with a 9th place finish in the main event at the IP Classic. Great job Darrel. I got to play a couple of tables with Darrel last week and also sweated him as he won a sit 'n go. I was really impressed with his controlled agressiveness and his sense of timing.

Of course Darrel got to see two of my bigger blunders at the table, a topic I'll get to in another post. I also, got to play with Reid twice in an eery day of Aces, last Wednesday. In the nooner, I came late and randomly got seated to Reid's right. I said in my last post I'd like to share a table with him--well I got my wish--and I should be careful what I asked for.

Hand number 1, I look down at Rockets under the gun. Sweet. I raise. Kid on the button calls. Flop comes King high two diamonds. I'm hoping he's got the king, I don't like the diamonds but I want to amass some early chips. I'll take a chance and hope he bets it. Check to him. He bets. I raise and he calls. Huh. The turn is a diamond. I thought my flop raise would bet out a diamond draw, unless he had the Kd. I'm wary. I check. He checks. That's even more troubling. Another hand that concerns me, but I'd rather he have is AK with the Ace of diamonds-though it's less likely. River is a jack. I bet (should have checked). He raises. I want to fold right there. Read of strength is pretty high. Yet, it's just cheap enough that I have to make a crying call. He has KJ of diamonds. My stack halved... I'm shortly busto after taking a series of beats. Wish they'd happen in a turbo game and not the big tournaments.

So I then sit down in a cash game and whammo, first hand Aces, again, early position if not under the gun, I raise folded around to another dude. He calls. Flop comes Ace high. I check my set and he doesn't bet because he doesn't have the case ace. No flush or straight draws. It goes runner runner to give me a full house and he can't call my river bet. $12 won (AWESOME!). Later, I run into pocket aces with pocket 9s. We both flop sets and turn full houses. Somehow I don't put all my chips in. AJ9 Jx. Again my read was of huge strength from the guy.

That night, I play the turbo and the first hand of the tournament I look down at rockets in the big blind. Oh really. Guy in early position bets 3x, guy in middle position min raises that. I shove out a quarter of my stack like I'm trying to buy the pot. Early position makes a remark like "What did I step into?" and folds.

Middle position min-raises me again. I know he's got to have kings. I shove it all. He calls... with queens (??) and I double up. As happy I was to do that, why couldn't that situation happen in the noon tournament, and I'd gladly take the noon loss in the night tournament. Oh well. That double up enabled me to cash so I shouldn't bitch too much.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Few Thoughts...

GCP Bloggers...
1. Don't know who that guy is on Gene D's blog. He is a looker but he ain't me.
2. Good to finally meet Reid. Hopefully we'll get a chance to play on the same table sometime in the near future. I really think I could learn a good bit from him.
3. DaRock has terrorized the IP in the past. I know he had a solid score at the Beau's Spring Break event but not at the IP so far.
4. The CCline, long dormant, is now firing away posts. Must have gotten a new computer or something. Wonder if he ran into any lunchboxes at his home game.
5. Goondingy? Time to come out of hibernation. Many a married man's poker game has improved after making it official. Let me know if you'll be hitting anything soon?

Friends, new and old...
1. Tex was on fire, having not booked a loser in his iPhone record book since buying it. This week, he took some tough beats and had to pop the cherry... but then he won a 2k pot in a 1-2 game. Nice score.
2. Joe Bush gets the big share of the bad beat jackpot, nice score, nice picture too.
3. Will be back at the IP either tomorrow or Wednesday, if you see the guy on Gene's blog he ain't me, but feel free to introduce yourself.

NCAA hoops
1. Kansas was the best defensive team in the tournament. I was blown away with how tough they were with Davidson (and I still can't figure out how Davidson had a shot to win that game), and I expected them to come out hard against UNC--not that hard but still.
2. Memphis' collapse was... bruttle (so brutal it was bruttle). I felt for the kids. Despite winning a pool because of Kansas winning (ccline taking second too) and having action on the Jayhawks in a friendly wager, I almost started to pull for Memphis to somehow win. As my friend who watched it in person said, you want to see kids make plays to win, not miss free throws. The Alaskan kid made a huge shot, but the Tigers missed too many at the charity stripe.
3. I hear OK State is going to offer Bill Self a 6 million signing bonus and then 4 million per year. I heard that before the game. Boone Pickens is a rich, rich, rich man and there are probably only two or three college coaches that could turn that down and Bill Self ain't one of them. He's headed to his alma mater if the money is anywhere close to that. Who gets the Kansas job? Larry Brown maybe? Stranger things have happened. Bobby Knight even? Doubt it but... who knows.

Early Exit-Two IP events. In one... Couldn't get any momentum generated and then my AK ran into BB's A10... you know then rest. In the next I was almost blinded out. Every play I made with nothing, which is all I got, was met with a real hand. Stymied time and time again. I believe the final hand was AQ vs. Jacks.

Bubble-(d) a Beau event, when I pissed away a chip lead like Memphis at the free throw line. Including a gag call at the end where I couldn't come up with a hand my opponent could hold that I could beat. I had A9 with an A on the board. He had a set of sixes. Really shouldn't have let that tournament go. Also bubbled a turbo event. Guy makes the speech about how he shouldn't call, blah, blah, blah, oh what the hell--it's late, I'll call. His raggedy Q4 was a full house of straw by the turn.

5th-At the IP second chanceville, to give you an idea of how much luck it takes to go deep in a big multi-table tournament, I caught all the breaks, but credit myself for nursing a small stack to a cash. In one of the few huge pots I dragged a player's hand was declared dead because he opened his cell phone, no need for a flop, turn or river just shove me the oreos. Then, I finally did some Ace crackin, my preflop all is called by Aces, I get a straight with my K9 when Gene called out the needed "10 ball." Probably missed two big hands at the final table that were the difference between me winning it and finishing 5th. I let the jump in money effect my decisons too, which is always a mistake. A short stack gave up and was content to get blinded out (actually ante'd out). I didn't realize his strategy was so severe and sat out a couple of hands thinking he had to play--and he didn't. Felt very confident there but my luck ran out.

2nd-At the IOC. I was ginning and playing great poker. It's a lot easier to do when you get smacked by the cards early and have the goods everytime someone calls. We exchanged chip leads heads up four times, and I was bested when I made a move with pocket threes and he had AA. I probably would have won had I called an all in post flop bet with Queen high. I saw him try to fold when he forgot he was in the big blind and then just check when he realized it. Screamed a miserable hand as he played any K or A hard. Flop was three contiguous cards I think 1098 and I could tell he didn't pair up. Looked like he was counting. Maybe he had a straight draw. He pushed on me. Arg! I told him "Sir you don't even have a pair. If I had any courage I'd call you with queen high." I turned over the queen and said, "This is the best hand." After the tournament he told me he was opened ended. Probably a 7-3 or 7-2. As gene said, "You might not have won, you still could have lost that hand" and "You won't go very far calling with Queen high." He's right, but I was mad because I knew I was ahead and I laid it down. It was one of those gut feelings. I had all the information at my disposal, I made the correct processing of it, and when I put the needle to the guy his reaction only strengthened my read. It's one thing to make that read it's another to act on it. I have to say, besides one or two hands, he really played great. He was a quality opponent and I really enjoyed the heads up practice.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Great Time in Biloxi

Have really been enjoying Biloxi and the tournament Ronnie and the crew have been running at the IP. Solid structure, quality dealers, and good play. There has certainly been some juicy opportunities in the cash play that we've been able to advantage of. Run pretty well in the small fields at the Beau and the IOC's tournaments, taking 2nd in one and bubbling another. Bubbled a turbo too.

The Isle of Capris had a lot good folk and I really enjoyed the final table. I wanted to say hi to all the new friends that I met. Denis H gave me a run for my money. I felt bad about not wanting to chop but really wanted to play it out for fun and as a learning experience. I got snapped off with a small pair heads up vs. Aces. Enjoyed talking strategy with my table mates at every turn.

Will give a more detailed account when I get home.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Figured I make this a post as my reply was so long to this...

Anonymous said...
You are absolutely crazy about your App State arguement. And Ole Miss is prolly the only SEC school that would not beat them and that would be a good game
3/30/2008 4:22 PM

Name an SEC team and the team they beat on the road that equals App State's win at the Big House... How many teams did you come up with 5... 4... 3... 2... 1?

Look, I'm an SEC shill, I think the last few years there has been a clear dilenation between that conference and the rest of football, with only a few other national teams that could compete in the top of the league. That being said... go back over the last five years for 3/4 of the conference and try and find a road win as big as ASU's... Not so easy.

You can't just write that game off... because it's simply not done. If it was then all the lesser SEC teams should have it on their resumes--and they don't. Recall Michigan was what 3rd (or 5th or 8th?) team in the country at the time. What did they finish ranked? They also never lose at home unless it's Ohio State.

Now you can call the game a fluke, which was one of their arguments, which would be wrong... Michigan simply couldn't stop ASU. They put up 40+ points at the Big House. A fluke is the favorite turns the ball over a lot, but the favorite also controlled possesion and only gave up a lucky touchdown or two, and the dog eke'd it out. ASU did no such thing. They beat them, and MU couldn't shake the hangover for two weeks. So if the game wasn't a fluke, you can't ignore it.

ASU pummeled every team they played in their playoffs (the only relevant games in their division), PUMMELED, and before you dismiss that bracket's comp, that's including other teams that recently beat or almost beat D1 teams at their place (including an SEC team).There is one thing to recognize the brilliance of the SEC and there is another to be blinded by it. I think ASU would beaten handily several SEC teams.

Unlike many around here, I'm a realist about the bottom of the league. Bama lost to a team ASU would have drilled near the end of the season. Bama like all of the lesser SEC teams could not have scored enough to stay in the game with ASU. Sorry it's true. I hate to admit it as an Auburn fan, I'd think ASU would score too much for them too, just as lowly South Florida did.

Now, recall the last dII team, forget the subdivison nomenclature crap, Marshall was that good, the very next season after drilling their comp, moved up a division and right into the top 25 and stayed there for a couple of years. Like ASU, Marshall dropped a game or two to their DII comp. Was Ole Miss better than them too? Sorry, I'm not blindly loyal enough to the SEC to suggest the entire league was better than a top 25 team then or now. ASU is that good. This team would have crushed a conference like CUSA's or the MAC and gotten a pretty good bowl bid. I guess Boise State was overrated when they were undefeated too.