Great Time in Biloxi

Have really been enjoying Biloxi and the tournament Ronnie and the crew have been running at the IP. Solid structure, quality dealers, and good play. There has certainly been some juicy opportunities in the cash play that we've been able to advantage of. Run pretty well in the small fields at the Beau and the IOC's tournaments, taking 2nd in one and bubbling another. Bubbled a turbo too.

The Isle of Capris had a lot good folk and I really enjoyed the final table. I wanted to say hi to all the new friends that I met. Denis H gave me a run for my money. I felt bad about not wanting to chop but really wanted to play it out for fun and as a learning experience. I got snapped off with a small pair heads up vs. Aces. Enjoyed talking strategy with my table mates at every turn.

Will give a more detailed account when I get home.


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