A Few Thoughts...

GCP Bloggers...
1. Don't know who that guy is on Gene D's blog. He is a looker but he ain't me.
2. Good to finally meet Reid. Hopefully we'll get a chance to play on the same table sometime in the near future. I really think I could learn a good bit from him.
3. DaRock has terrorized the IP in the past. I know he had a solid score at the Beau's Spring Break event but not at the IP so far.
4. The CCline, long dormant, is now firing away posts. Must have gotten a new computer or something. Wonder if he ran into any lunchboxes at his home game.
5. Goondingy? Time to come out of hibernation. Many a married man's poker game has improved after making it official. Let me know if you'll be hitting anything soon?

Friends, new and old...
1. Tex was on fire, having not booked a loser in his iPhone record book since buying it. This week, he took some tough beats and had to pop the cherry... but then he won a 2k pot in a 1-2 game. Nice score.
2. Joe Bush gets the big share of the bad beat jackpot, nice score, nice picture too.
3. Will be back at the IP either tomorrow or Wednesday, if you see the guy on Gene's blog he ain't me, but feel free to introduce yourself.

NCAA hoops
1. Kansas was the best defensive team in the tournament. I was blown away with how tough they were with Davidson (and I still can't figure out how Davidson had a shot to win that game), and I expected them to come out hard against UNC--not that hard but still.
2. Memphis' collapse was... bruttle (so brutal it was bruttle). I felt for the kids. Despite winning a pool because of Kansas winning (ccline taking second too) and having action on the Jayhawks in a friendly wager, I almost started to pull for Memphis to somehow win. As my friend who watched it in person said, you want to see kids make plays to win, not miss free throws. The Alaskan kid made a huge shot, but the Tigers missed too many at the charity stripe.
3. I hear OK State is going to offer Bill Self a 6 million signing bonus and then 4 million per year. I heard that before the game. Boone Pickens is a rich, rich, rich man and there are probably only two or three college coaches that could turn that down and Bill Self ain't one of them. He's headed to his alma mater if the money is anywhere close to that. Who gets the Kansas job? Larry Brown maybe? Stranger things have happened. Bobby Knight even? Doubt it but... who knows.

Early Exit-Two IP events. In one... Couldn't get any momentum generated and then my AK ran into BB's A10... you know then rest. In the next I was almost blinded out. Every play I made with nothing, which is all I got, was met with a real hand. Stymied time and time again. I believe the final hand was AQ vs. Jacks.

Bubble-(d) a Beau event, when I pissed away a chip lead like Memphis at the free throw line. Including a gag call at the end where I couldn't come up with a hand my opponent could hold that I could beat. I had A9 with an A on the board. He had a set of sixes. Really shouldn't have let that tournament go. Also bubbled a turbo event. Guy makes the speech about how he shouldn't call, blah, blah, blah, oh what the hell--it's late, I'll call. His raggedy Q4 was a full house of straw by the turn.

5th-At the IP second chanceville, to give you an idea of how much luck it takes to go deep in a big multi-table tournament, I caught all the breaks, but credit myself for nursing a small stack to a cash. In one of the few huge pots I dragged a player's hand was declared dead because he opened his cell phone, no need for a flop, turn or river just shove me the oreos. Then, I finally did some Ace crackin, my preflop all is called by Aces, I get a straight with my K9 when Gene called out the needed "10 ball." Probably missed two big hands at the final table that were the difference between me winning it and finishing 5th. I let the jump in money effect my decisons too, which is always a mistake. A short stack gave up and was content to get blinded out (actually ante'd out). I didn't realize his strategy was so severe and sat out a couple of hands thinking he had to play--and he didn't. Felt very confident there but my luck ran out.

2nd-At the IOC. I was ginning and playing great poker. It's a lot easier to do when you get smacked by the cards early and have the goods everytime someone calls. We exchanged chip leads heads up four times, and I was bested when I made a move with pocket threes and he had AA. I probably would have won had I called an all in post flop bet with Queen high. I saw him try to fold when he forgot he was in the big blind and then just check when he realized it. Screamed a miserable hand as he played any K or A hard. Flop was three contiguous cards I think 1098 and I could tell he didn't pair up. Looked like he was counting. Maybe he had a straight draw. He pushed on me. Arg! I told him "Sir you don't even have a pair. If I had any courage I'd call you with queen high." I turned over the queen and said, "This is the best hand." After the tournament he told me he was opened ended. Probably a 7-3 or 7-2. As gene said, "You might not have won, you still could have lost that hand" and "You won't go very far calling with Queen high." He's right, but I was mad because I knew I was ahead and I laid it down. It was one of those gut feelings. I had all the information at my disposal, I made the correct processing of it, and when I put the needle to the guy his reaction only strengthened my read. It's one thing to make that read it's another to act on it. I have to say, besides one or two hands, he really played great. He was a quality opponent and I really enjoyed the heads up practice.


Reid said…
bill - i should be at the IP on wed for the noon trny. hope you make it. maybe we can make some noise!!
GeneD said…
Good Stuff...I like the way you broke it all down. Good Luck on the Coast to both of you...go get em!!!

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