The week ahead...

1. Pick up Ed on Tuesday at the airport (he comes in every year for jazzfest and will be going to all four days).
2. Drive to biloxi for a 6 pm tourney. Haven't decided between Beau and IP.
3. Drive home.
4. Wednesday am, Harrahs 11 am. Chop for a grand.
5. Boomtown 7 pm, piss away money in the 3-6 limit game before hand to brutal beats.
6. Thursday maybe take in a day of Jazzfest at reduced price.
7. Harrahs Thursday night. Welcome to the city guys. Glad you got some poker in before the fest tomorrow.
8. Friday am, do wedding crap. Harrahs Friday night. Oh, you are drunk and fresh from the fest, please have a seat.
9. Saturday am, I do my second day at the fest.
10. Depending on Eddie's frame of mind, I probably foolish return to Harrahs only to have others prey on my state of mind.
11. Sunday recover and play some online.

Updates to follow.


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