So much poker... Let's lead off with a day of aces...

So many thoughts from last week, lessons learned, plays misplayed, and crazy situations...

I first want to give props to DaRock the ace of the IP. He followed up a second place finish in Friday's tournament with a 9th place finish in the main event at the IP Classic. Great job Darrel. I got to play a couple of tables with Darrel last week and also sweated him as he won a sit 'n go. I was really impressed with his controlled agressiveness and his sense of timing.

Of course Darrel got to see two of my bigger blunders at the table, a topic I'll get to in another post. I also, got to play with Reid twice in an eery day of Aces, last Wednesday. In the nooner, I came late and randomly got seated to Reid's right. I said in my last post I'd like to share a table with him--well I got my wish--and I should be careful what I asked for.

Hand number 1, I look down at Rockets under the gun. Sweet. I raise. Kid on the button calls. Flop comes King high two diamonds. I'm hoping he's got the king, I don't like the diamonds but I want to amass some early chips. I'll take a chance and hope he bets it. Check to him. He bets. I raise and he calls. Huh. The turn is a diamond. I thought my flop raise would bet out a diamond draw, unless he had the Kd. I'm wary. I check. He checks. That's even more troubling. Another hand that concerns me, but I'd rather he have is AK with the Ace of diamonds-though it's less likely. River is a jack. I bet (should have checked). He raises. I want to fold right there. Read of strength is pretty high. Yet, it's just cheap enough that I have to make a crying call. He has KJ of diamonds. My stack halved... I'm shortly busto after taking a series of beats. Wish they'd happen in a turbo game and not the big tournaments.

So I then sit down in a cash game and whammo, first hand Aces, again, early position if not under the gun, I raise folded around to another dude. He calls. Flop comes Ace high. I check my set and he doesn't bet because he doesn't have the case ace. No flush or straight draws. It goes runner runner to give me a full house and he can't call my river bet. $12 won (AWESOME!). Later, I run into pocket aces with pocket 9s. We both flop sets and turn full houses. Somehow I don't put all my chips in. AJ9 Jx. Again my read was of huge strength from the guy.

That night, I play the turbo and the first hand of the tournament I look down at rockets in the big blind. Oh really. Guy in early position bets 3x, guy in middle position min raises that. I shove out a quarter of my stack like I'm trying to buy the pot. Early position makes a remark like "What did I step into?" and folds.

Middle position min-raises me again. I know he's got to have kings. I shove it all. He calls... with queens (??) and I double up. As happy I was to do that, why couldn't that situation happen in the noon tournament, and I'd gladly take the noon loss in the night tournament. Oh well. That double up enabled me to cash so I shouldn't bitch too much.


Reid said…
Blue chip fertilizer, bill. Don't forget.
C.S. said…
Ah yes. Blue chip fertilizer.

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