UB Scandal

This latest scandal on UB could just be a computer glitch. It could be a freak occurrence that just happened to happen when the face of their company was playing limit poker. Allegedly he's been on a tear... playing limit poker. Allegedly not only isn't he a good limit poker player he's been a bit of a fish of that game. And he's been on a bit of a tear.

Last go around everything smelled real funny, real funny and finally people were able to show it was. This go round, this would be brutal for poker. If Hellmuth goes down we all suffer greatly. I don't think it lights a fire under the collective asses in Congress to regulate it I think it puts a fork in a "rogue" industry.

Of late I've been pimping bWin poker (https://poker.bwin.com/poker.aspx) for many reasons. Anybody that follows international sports will know they advertise on AC Milan's jerseys. You might see David Beckham wearing one in the next couple of weeks. What's significant about that? Well, in the U.S. how many poker sites have you seen affiliated with major sports teams? Granted it's a different culture over there. They advertise bookmakers on the sidelines. I watched one game with the second half line scrolling on the bottom. So, I recognize them being on the jerseys of one of the biggest sports franchises in the world does not legitimize them, but at the same time it kind of does. It just feels safer.

You can reply with ENRON field, and the bogus-ness of that thought so that's understood. Still, I feel like bWin and other established sites with more official status have more to lose then some of the closer networks. On the sports gambling side they actively notify the European governments about betting pattern irregularities, and actively abide and aide governments seeking to regulate. Shouldn't we already be there in the U.S.?



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