So I think I'm having a pretty good week in a pick 'em pool I play for small change. I look up the results and see I'm in first going into Monday night. Than I see I went with 41 for the o/u or tiebreaker. I see Vegas had it at 48. Probably should have gone somewhere around there because of the Texans but was holding out hope on the Jags d.

I rue not taking Texans because them against Jville has at least once and maybe twice bounced me from a HUGE survivor pool late in the season.
Then, I see if it's 41 or under I win regardless of who wins the game. Nice.

Last night I check my phone for the score and it says with 6 minutes left it was 20-3 or some such nonsense. Suh-weet.

Later I get on the computer and don't check the real score just the spreadsheet. Without looking too closely it looks like I win via the tiebreaker.

Today I'm in the Bayou Classic tournament, first time I'm playing for a backer, somebody is playing jockey with me as the horse, and I don't have to buy-in. Still, I find I more stressed playing on someone else's roll.
Then I see a Texans-Jacksonville score looking nothing like what my phone says. IMMEDIATE AND INSTANT TILT.

Don't know why I'd be upset over a pittiance, though I figured I would have to cut one less check this year. Still, I'm in the tournament, on someone else's dime. And I can't stop stewing about this tiny little pool. I don't know why. I think it was just because I marked it as a win in my mind already and so it felt like stolen or lost money.

Poker at that point went sideways. It's never a good day when the positives is endlessly saying to yourself, at least I lost the minimum. I flop top pair, bet and flush draw hits. Board pairs with a scare card and I get to check the river to see his turned flush. I bet into a pot with middle pair, decent kicker. Quick call (draw). River is an odd gutshot straight making card. I check, he bets fairly large. I give him benefit of the hand and fold--blammo, shows the straight. WTF.

Again, and again. I get decent starting hands and it's raised and reraised. I fold.

I look down at AQ after a steady bleeding of chips. AQ doubled me up to half my starting stack 5 minutes before hand. I'm in all-in or fold mode. Girl I doubled through opens with an attempt at a raise. She throws in her 1k chip and says raise too late. Okay, let's make it two for two. Then she puts on a show. Completely over-acting and huffing and puffing. Guy next to her laughs instead of folding. I watch her put on this act and start to get a little weirded out.

Gets to me. I'm about to push and then I do what I've learned to do when my something-is-too-weird-radar starts blaring I fold.

Assclown in seat 8 calls (blind). (Hmm, could have called there, maybe the one situation I didn't have to push, because of the weirdness and relative strength of hand I can push it if I hit).

Flop is Q high. Chick leads out after Aclown checks. He goes over the top all in. She folds THE OBVIOUS middle pair. Of course she was pissed not to raise with a hand like JJ or 1010 or 99. He kindly shows his QJ and I know he would have paid me off if I was in there. Why I didn't make the straightforward connection is beyond me.

So, later this guy wins a huge pot. As he's stacking his chips looks at his cards and with strong conviction says raise. He's also a tight player. Hmmm. Girl is now short and pushes. I'm in big blind. One king. Two king. I'm all in.

It's showdown time. I see tight boy doing what I like to call the AcesRoll. It's not quite a slow-roll, but it's this slowish exaggerated, make sure everybody is looking at me as I show the Rockets movement. Watch preflop all-in showdowns you'll see the movement is pretty similar when people have aces. That's why if Im holding them I try to throw 'em face up as quickly as possible especially if I got short stacks covered.

Girl shows threes.

I show my soon to be worthless Kings.

Good day.


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